I have to admit one of my guilty pleasures is not just buying really good books, but during my less hectic season for work, plowing through as many as I can. I think learning in life comes in a few different forms- life experiences, loss, your friends, community involvement and content (via the web, television and books).



The two places I can always turn to in a moments notice for something new are people for their opinions and outlook and through content for knowledge and inspiration. Oddly enough it’s not usually my friends opinions that change my view on something, sure they give me insight and a different approach, but books and television change me and not just that but they can literally move me within my own little creative world that I run around.

I’m always looking for books and shows that really help me click in my own thoughts. The most recent book I picked up which goes SO well with the content from Hayitsalexis.com is “Dear Sugar“. I don’t even know where to begin with this book. It is so inspiring and amazing, I don’t look at it for advice but that understanding on love that I may just never hear or fully encompass from hearing my friends experiences and trials with love. There are not enough good things I could say about the author Cheryl Strayed.

Cheryl Strayed began writing for The Rumpus in 2010 which two years later went from a column to a collection of the columns published as a book called “Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar”.

“Life isn’t some narcissistic game you play online. It all matters—every sin, every regret, every affliction.

In her advice, she’s so dead honest, her writing is absolutely flawless. It’s the advice and brutal honesty I think at times we’d all love to give our friends and loved ones, but you risk everything putting that kind of honesty out there. How many times in this world have you felt left out, hurt, robbed, cheated or event lost? But even with a great family supporting you and really great friends, you didn’t feel like you could turn to anyone to talk to? Those are the times where people would turn to Sugar.

In the intro of the book, it says:

[There's nothing you can tell Sugar that doesn't strike her as beautiful and human. Which is why men and women write to her about intimacies they can't share with anyone else, unspeakable urges, insoluble grief. She understands that attention is the first and final act of love, and that the ultimate dwindling resource in the human arrangement isn't cheap oil or potable water or even common sense, but mercy.]

The best part about this book, is while I write about dating and love advice for millennials or those going through the motions of Generation Y, Dear Sugar is on another level. Not to say that I haven’t not dealt with similar debates, but that’s what’s so great about Dear Sugar, some of the stories are on love that you may have never even thought of. And the response from Sugar? I can assure you, may be a similar direction of advice you’ve received in the past, but Sugar’s advice I can assure you will have a much deeper, more detailed meaning. One as I said before, that will move or inspire you.

tiny beautiful things – Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed

Splash House

One last Hoorah of the summer… We had Hard Summer last weekend, and this weekend is also Outside Lands, but being a relaxing but still busy time, if you don’t get all of your plans together far in advance it’s easy to get left out of the best summer experience and that is music + sun. Before you head back into fall, enjoy one last weekend away, one that you didn’t have to make set plans for six months out- Splash House 2013 in Palm Springs. I’m grabbing some girlfriends to make our way out this weekend to enjoy some sun, good music and a little down time. It’s also nice knowing we will be able to enjoy ourselves at the location without dealing with driving, parking, or sitting out with no where to freshen up or wind down each day. Splash House 2013 has LED, Private Label and Pacific Festival all teaming up for the 3 location poolside music event.

So essentially Splash House will go all of Saturday and Sunday where the event features three simultaneous pool parties. There will be shuttles going from one pool to another, so you can catch just about every DJ on your hit list. Although he is smaller I am DYING to hear Viceroy live, for once not through Soundcloud. I’m also pretty pumped about Neon Indian, Anna Lunoe, Classixx, Kidnap Kid and Para One. The DJ’s have an indie feel which I like for Palm Springs, I mean who doesn’t just want to get away for the weekend when possible?

So come hang in Palm Springs this weekend, they have General Admission tickets for $99 for both Saturday and Sunday or $55 each day. Also staying at The Saguaro for Friday and Saturday night WITH a wristband included is about $300. All booking can be made  HERE.

splash-house, palm-springs


Splash House : Palm Springs Pool & Music Weekend from SplashHouse on Vimeo.


Loving this video that dropped last night for the single “Get Like Me” from Nelly ft. Pharrell and Nicki Minaj. The coloring of branding for Beats By Dre., Nike, Christian Louboutin, Auburn and others doesn’t make it seem like it was paid integration which is SO refreshing. I can’t get enough of Pharrell lately and of course Nelly and Nicki Minaj are two other phenoms. What’s REALLY insane about this video, I’m not sure if it was intentional, but two years ago, Nelly and Pharrell released a video for “Let It Go” which is not only also in black and white but is extremely similar in the way the video was shot, dancers are similar, there is a car that the two guys are rapping around. About 50% of the video looks like it could have honestly been shot at the exact same location as the video two years ago. Am I the ONLY one that noticed this? Because looking on google, I haven’t seen any other music outlets write about this similarity. Awesome video overall, both posted below.

Nelly ft. Pharrell and Nicki Minaj – “Get Like Me”

Nelly ft. Pharrell “Let It Go”

As some of you may know, alongside my love for my deep rooted advice in fashion, music and dating, I am also your go-to girl for branding, PR and social media. While I run freely on my blog, during the day I work in all aspects of digital and social media for PromaxBDA- a television association dedicated to leading the television industry in the promotion, marketing and design of television. So essentially I breathe and live promos all day everyday. I like to think of every aspect of my life as like a mini promo. I live for good sports and pop-culture promos. Anyways, as SOME of you have heard, with working in television comes the basic need to fully immerse yourself in television culture. Exactly 24 days ago I moved straight down to Santa Monica, just three blocks from the beach and with that decided to cut the cords and end my cable subscription. My roommate and I ordered internet shortly after moving in, but decided to wait until the networks Fall launch to get back into it. It started with a quick morning conversation with the executives at my office about my recent decision, and it slowly turned into me writing about my experience as the newly named “Millennial Cord-Cutter“. Although this has nothing to do with fashion, music or dating, it does directly relate to my readers age and lifestyle. We all are addicted to some type of television content, whether it’s sports, reality television, news or even the old shows on demand. However, with the television industry rapidly changing, we find ourselves in a place where we can still be the viewer without cable. With Netflix, Hulu Plus, WatchESPN and a combined Apple TV we find ourselves with options. For the rest of summer and continuing into the Fall I will be writing for Brief- a news hub that leads the global conversation about the role marketing plays in the monetization of television across media platforms. If you too cut the cord recently or in the past, how do you get by? What do you watch? Is there anything you still miss? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Diary of a Cord-Cutter, Chapter 1: Going Cold Turkey

cord-cutter, millennials, cutting-cable


It’s like anything, when someone does a good job on the first few rounds, you don’t usually question their work from there on out. Music for me  works the same way. Although I have every Kanye West album dating back to College Dropout, his recent Yeezus album is the first to not make it in the download folder in my iTuens (Yes, I buy all my music). I didn’t even hear about it coming out until a week later, by that time, I asked around to see if anyone liked it and I really got close to ZERO feedback.

My love for Robin Thicke and his music is a little different. I have every album of his ON CD from The Evolution of Robin Thicke and this will be the first digital album purchase. With Robin Thicke, there really is no question- the majority of the songs I’ve purchased and albums are without reviews and without listening to. His upcoming album Blurred Lines I’m almost positive will top his past work as it always does.

There’s something about Robin Thicke’s music that just makes you feel sexy. When you’re dancing to it, when you’re singing it in the car on the way to work, when you’re playing it at home while you clean. Whether you’re listening to “Wanna Love You Girl”, “Cocaine”, “Blurred Lines” or “Cloud 9″, I’ve never listened to a song that didn’t just flat out make me feel amazing. I’m sure guys are a little biased about this, but for the ladies, his music NEVER gets old!

For Robin Thicke’s upcoming album “Blurred Lines”, he does a great job at keeping the sex appeal alongside cutting edge beats with sexy lyrics. There’s something about summer releases that just make the time window so much better. I pin periods of time, seasons and events throughout my life to specific music, based on what I was listening to at the time, Who doesn’t relate “Call Me Maybe” to summer? Exactly.

You can pre-order “Blurred Lines” from Robin Thicke here which will be available July 30, 2013. You can listen to one song “Feel Good” below.

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine donate $70 million to USC to create a new arts, technology and business program.

Up until about two days ago when the news was released I had been deeply considering business school at a top University. I wasn’t ever really thinking just “best business school”. If I actually take the time to study my butt off for the whole shebang, I’m going big or not going at all. However, while the news is still very fresh and program details are not yet ready, I would DEFINITELY consider going back to USC for anything that these two are involved in.


The new USC program funded by top record producer, rapper and entrepreneur Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine; famous music producer, entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Interscope Records and Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M will start with 25 students which they will start recruiting in the Fall. The Program- The Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation.

Obviously they will be looking for the best and the brightest. And the reason for the program? Both feel similar to the reason behind Dr. Dre’s successful headphone line, it is something that is needed amongst the students and kids today. This generation’s modern language is technology, which translates over into music, movies, video games etc. It all encompasses and translates into one thing today.

“It is a very different model that has incredibly strong creative skills, and yet they are able to handle the technology, because they have to be. They create differently, they disseminate what they do differently, they market themselves differently.”

Both Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are most excited about what they are about to create. A specialized area for students to understand music rather than just technology. In their interview with Rolling Stones, they take a highly regarded company; Apple for example, which was founded in the culture of technology and liberal arts.

The program will open in 2014 and their hopes? For the graduating class of 2018 to leave and create something that they have no concept of yet or to be engaged in a career that they can’t even imagine yet.

Cheers again to the next ones, I can’t wait to see how this program will evolve. So proud to be a Trojan, and so excited to see what is curated from this class.

Fight On!

It’s like wearing jelly’s during the summer, but this season it’s all about the clear purses and totes. Sure, it’s something you have to get used to; your personal belongings being out there in the open, but these clutches are all to die for.  I love how the colorful world has swept our accessory world, but I’m looking for something new. I haven’t quit decided which clear purse I am going to land on, but I have been siding towards the Nasty Gal Neon Summer Clutch. Also haven’t decided which color. Many of you may say, “Duh, its Alexis we’re talking about… PINK” but I already have SO much pink. I kind of wish this one came in a bright orange to switch it up, but oh well. All of these bags are great for beach, work, going out (the smaller ones) and will help you carry summer all the way through to October. What’s a little sand in your bag that everyone can see? Hot.

Nasty Gal, Neon Summer Clutch – Pink $50

(Available in Pink and Neon Yellow)


Victoria Secret, PINK Beach Tote $29.50

(Available in Neon Pink and Yellow)


Forever 21, Studded Clear Tote $19.80

(Available in Black and Pink)


Nordstroms, Deux Lux ‘Mykonos’ Clear Tote $97.15


Nasty Gal, Pretty Clear Clutch $58


Chanel, Lego Clutch Bag $9,900


There’s something about being a millennial, or as they call us- the “next ones”. I think we have it a lot harder for a number of reasons, but as millennials the best part is we have the ability to reinvent everything around us. We fall into a culture where we don’t HAVE to follow after our peers or our parents. The mold for what and who we should be has disappeared. I think this article is amazing, one part in particular I have below. Dating as a millennial. As a millennial, what do you lie about…? Your alcohol consumption? How swamped you are at work? or maybe your sports knowledge??

From BroBible “10 Things Millennials Are Incredibly Good at Lying About”

7. Acting Like The Dating Game Is ‘Hopeless’

Remember when you applied to college, and decided that you’d just assume you wouldn’t get in anywhere, so that if you did you’d be pleasantly surprised? Perhaps this is the long-term effect of studying hours and hours to get decent grades only to get rejected from your dream college, but this is the same way many millennials are approaching dating. Problem is, college is aggressive in the sense that it uses a bunch of Malcolm Gladwell theories to decide if you’re “great” or not in under five seconds. People are not.

Courtship protocols aside, if both sexes take the “lower your expectations route,” you’re naturally gonna move away instead of toward. Guys have no incentive to court girls, and girls have no incentive to attempt to move closer to guys. Everyone turns into  LIT in 1999.

And just because I work in television and am all about promos, although this is not related directly with the article above it’s my favorite promo regarding millennials. I think we all lie about these things in the article above because, truly- we have a lot on our plate. We’re living up to standards previous generations didn’t have to live up to. We have a lot to carry, so have fun on the weekend, don’t worry about dating as much as you think you should and be ok with less sleep and maybe not remembering the books you read in 6th grade.


Just a very quick post to let you all know there is a 360 Cashmere Sample Sale going on right next door to my work in Santa Monica. The details? Let me just say- If you’re trying to save for that trip to Peru, or in debt… Don’t come any closer. It’s dangerous! I stopped by yesterday when they were setting up and I nearly fainted. 4,000 square feet of PURE CASHMERE BLISS. They have something for just about everyone’s style. Everything is marked down by 70%, the good stuff starting at $60- $125. Granted, we are heading straight into this so cal summer, but you will thank me later when you are bundled up in your fabulous cashmere that you paid close to nothing for (in 360 Cashmere sale terms).


360 Cashmere Sale



9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

1522 Cloverfield Blvd. Suite F

Santa Monica, CA 90404

360-cashmere, sample-sale, neon


I haven’t done a post in a while on any Tom’s Shoes updates or seasonal snags, however; I am constantly buying and watching for emerging new styles and classics. Every season they will have one shoe that is a limited edition that always goes pretty fast but ends up being a year round wear. The seasons are changing very soon so for men it is hard to tell what to buy at this exact moment, but for women, these Tom’s shoes are sure to go great now and then for the rest of winter, spring and summer!

Tom’s Shoes Multi Hearts Women’s Vegan Classics $54


Tom’s Shoes Oahu Women’s Vegan Classics $54


Tom’s Shoes Snow Leopard Women’s Vegan Classics $54


Tom’s Shoes Silver Snow Leopard Women’s Vegan Classics $54


 Tom’s Shoes Gabriel Lacktman Graffiti Women’s Classics $68