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There’s something about being a millennial, or as they call us- the “next ones”. I think we have it a lot harder for a number of reasons, but as millennials the best part is we have the ability to reinvent everything around us. We fall into a culture where we don’t HAVE to follow after our peers or our parents. The mold for what and who we should be has disappeared. I think this article is amazing, one part in particular I have below. Dating as a millennial. As a millennial, what do you lie about…? Your alcohol consumption? How swamped you are at work? or maybe your sports knowledge??

From BroBible “10 Things Millennials Are Incredibly Good at Lying About”

7. Acting Like The Dating Game Is ‘Hopeless’

Remember when you applied to college, and decided that you’d just assume you wouldn’t get in anywhere, so that if you did you’d be pleasantly surprised? Perhaps this is the long-term effect of studying hours and hours to get decent grades only to get rejected from your dream college, but this is the same way many millennials are approaching dating. Problem is, college is aggressive in the sense that it uses a bunch of Malcolm Gladwell theories to decide if you’re “great” or not in under five seconds. People are not.

Courtship protocols aside, if both sexes take the “lower your expectations route,” you’re naturally gonna move away instead of toward. Guys have no incentive to court girls, and girls have no incentive to attempt to move closer to guys. Everyone turns into  LIT in 1999.

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And just because I work in television and am all about promos, although this is not related directly with the article above it’s my favorite promo regarding millennials. I think we all lie about these things in the article above because, truly- we have a lot on our plate. We’re living up to standards previous generations didn’t have to live up to. We have a lot to carry, so have fun on the weekend, don’t worry about dating as much as you think you should and be ok with less sleep and maybe not remembering the books you read in 6th grade.


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