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 Before I tell you about my new little hot obsession with BCBGeneration- I must show you the piggies I found at their new store in the Mission Viejo mall! Just as I had mentioned in an earlier post, I swear these pigs are popping up everywhere. I first got my little pig in May when I was graduating. Even if you had told me there was sale for only 5 minutes, it still would have been hard to get my pig fixated attention. This is just ONE of the many reasons behind my new found love.

BCBGeneration Stylin' Silver Piggies!


Did I not tell you piggies were cool? At BCBGeneration


Sometimes there are a few items you come across and just know you HAVE to have, even if it means making your lunch all week to save the $100 for a few new hot therapeutic finds. If you are from Orange County, all I have to say is; if you’re planning on going to the Mission Viejo mall these days, leave your wallet at home. Tons of new stores have been popping up- BCBGeneration, True Religion, The Disney store, Zara, H&M (opening soon), Rosetta Stone, Swarovski Crystal and they are currently getting ready to fertilize the top and bottom level of the old Saks to make way for a bigger, better more overwhelming Forever 21.

Back to BCBGeneration, in the past the only items I ever bought by this brand were either from Nordstrom’s or its rack store. I do know of the BCBGeneration store in Los Angeles, however, I never got a chance to skip by. Let me tell you- this is my new favorite store. As I have been slightly disappointed with Nordstrom’s merchandise recently (I saw a dress on display, which I most definitely had been creeping on a few weeks earlier at Santee Alley for 1/6 of the price) Really Nordstrom’s? It was disappointing because I have always felt my purchases at Nordstrom’s were of the best quality and further, somewhat worth the price. Santee Alley clothing is only meant for a few wears, not really investment clothing. Also, knowing the Generation store was incorporated with BCBG I knew the items would be solid. I was also super impressed with their entire in store inventory. Their items were not things I’ve seen at BEBE or Nordstrom’s or Zara. Some might have paralleled a few things from Zara but for the most part everything was one of a kind. They had tons of leggings with swarovski crystals on the side which I thought would be hot to wear at night instead of just your plain jane black leggings. They also had a ton of cute blouses and shirts that looked professional, but could also be dressed down with some glitzy jewelry for a night out or dinner.

As for the sales girls? Nothing but fabulous! I swear sometimes I thoroughly question who hires some of the hollow headed, space cadet sales employees I encounter. No, I do not want to hear about how you got wasted faced last night, can I please just have my receipt? And no for the third time I do not want your stores credit card, even if it does get me 90% off every 3rd Sunday of every other month. Think about it- if you have trouble with service while you are BUYING something from a store, imagine if there is a loose string or the hem is falling out. Do you really think you’re going to be able to waltz in there and get it fixed or exchange it? Definitely not. So these BCBGeneration girls get two thumbs and two toes up 🙂

Below are a few of my favorite items I found and must haves’ for any wardrobe. As a matter of fact, you know that little black dress in your closet you wear over and over and want something to spice it up, something to make you feel hotter and new? These are some of the best add ons to your already beloved wardrobe old-timers.

BCBGeneration GIGI Shoulder bag $49.00


BCBGeneration Messenger bags, totes and Satchels in tons of colors! Most are on sale in the store but not online-


BCBGeneration Print Blouse with round neck $78


BCBGeneration Print Blouse with round neck $78


BCBGeneration GIGI Satchel- On SALE in store! Can liven up any outfit. Stylish, sophisticated and hot.


BCBGeneration LOLA Foldover clutch $58


BCBGeneration Nailhead Studded Dress $148


BCBGeneration Rhinestone side leggings $88 (Also available with rhinestones over knee area- See BCBGeneration Website)

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