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Las night on my way home from Los Angeles I started noticing a Rainbow as I got off the freeway. I thought this was particularly weird because Rainbows usually come with rain….? It was weird, as if I was in some Jamaican jungle, It was still 90 degrees outside and then it was hot raining. So then it was sticky. Reminded me of the summer monsoon rain that I experienced in Cambodia last summer. Anyways as I came through the Coto gate i started to notice that it was light pink. Once I got home, as you can see, the rainbow turned into a Hot Pink bolt, directly pointing at my house. Is this not the coolest thing you have every seen??

Recently I lost my grandfather to cancer, whom I was extremely close to. He was the most interesting and accomplished man. He had so much love to give- He adored my grandmother, they were married for close to 58 years. Anyway, we all know how my life revolves around the color pink, I am convinced my grandfather sent my family this, his way of saying that he made it to heaven and that he loves us all. By far one of the most amazing rainbows and sunsets I have ever experienced.

I will post the rest of my pictures on my Flickr, so check for those later!


Rainbow driving down Oso Parkway


Picture taken from South Bend Coto Facing South


Picture taken from West.


Hot Pink rainbow sunset


Hot Pink sunset


Pink Rainbow in Courante!


Hot Pink Sunset to ... MY HOUSE!


Pretty Hot Pink Sunset!


Can you see the pink clouds?


Hot Pink Rainbow Sunset-View from my backyard!

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