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“Life is too short to blend in”

-Paris Hilton

What better person for this quote than the queen of pink herself. If you know me, you know that I have a mild obsession with the color pink. I’m the girl that get’s excited when my friend yells from three aisles over that she found a pink broom. For me I like having the things in life that no one else would ever buy- polka dot cleaning gloves, pink ice trays, a yellow scarf- Because I prefer to stand out rather than blend in.

So when I was quickly running through the mall a few weeks ago, I spotted these Aldo neon pumps out of the corner of my eye, stopped for a millisecond then reminded myself why I was at the mall; for makeup, and charged on. I did NOT need another pair of shoes.

The best, yet hardest shopping advice to stick by that I’ve ever received is, “If you feel like you are going to make an impulse buy, leave the item and see if you think about it again”. After I skipped past these amazing Aldo neon heels, I didn’t just think about them for days to come. I thought about all the different ways I could wear them, what I could wear them with and how amazing they would look on. I finally went back and made my purchase.

Go figurem immediately after I bought these a few weeks ago, I got sick and couldn’t go out anywhere to wear them. HOWEVER, I did manage to wear them out this past weekend and it was beyond amazing. I wore these with my black Hudson skinny jeans and a flowy pleated thin strap black top. Of course my fingernails matched the shoes so I was feeling pretty good. There were a few girls I didn’t know who commented on my shoes and thought they were super cute. I’m not entirely sure how I will wear them out next, but there are so many options, especially with summer right around the corner- white skinny jeans, white wide leg pants, white shorts, black shorts, little black dress… I could go on and on.

Lastly, I say that these will be in for a few more seasons because I did also spy the identical pair by Manolo Blahnik on Jennifer Lopez…at seven times the cost. Don’t miss out on a keeper pair of pumps and get over to Aldo or Neiman Marcus!


ALDO “Mease” Patent Leather Neon Pink Pumps
(color: medium purple) $80

 aldo-mease, aldo-neon-pink-pumps

aldo-mease, neon-pink-pumps

aldo-mease, neon-pink-pumps

Manolo Blahnik BB Patent Point-Toe Pump $595

Manolo-Blahnik-pink-pump, neon-pink-pump

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