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New shoe obsession; ASH Footwear. I came across this brand of shoes in the kids department believe it or not. I fell in love with this pair for toddlers called “frog”. I was dying, thinking they only sold them in kids sizes. Unfortunately, the exact shoe that I liked so much is only sold in kids sizes, but ASH Footwear sells tons of other really edgy, fun and original shoes for both men and women. They are on the pricier side, but for you can’t put a price tag on something that is original am I right? They are really kicking it in with all the high heeled women’s sneakers. I can’t think of a better way to step into Fall and Winter than in this hot commodity.

There were a few pair of shoes I saw on the ASH Footwear website that I thought were beyond heinous looking which I threw in at the bottom. I also included my reasoning. I see this brand coming out on top right now, their Spring 2013 line plays out Winter and Spring. Color is in, and even when it goes out, these will be keepers considering you won’t be able to find them anywhere down the road.

‘Frog’ Sneaker (Walker, Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid) $124.95

ASh-frog-sneaker, ash-shoes, nordstroms

ash-frog-sneaker, ash-shoes, nordstroms-shoes


Womens Bowie Wedge Sneaker Peach Suede 330008 $195

ash-shoes, nordstroms, tennis-shoes-with-heels

Womens Bowie Wedge Sneaker Black Suede 312004 $235


Womens Cool Wedge Sneaker Clay Suede/Canvas 330012 $195

ash-shoes, nordstroms, sneakers-with-high-heels

Womens Gwen Wedge Sneaker Black Leather – 312334 $225

ash-shoes, nordstroms, sneakers-with-high-heels

Womens Smart Bis Sneaker Black Queen 312264 $225

ash-shoes, nordstroms-womens-shoes, nordstroms, shoes-with-studs

Womens Titan Boot Black Leather/Antique Studs 312290 $360

ash-shoes, shoes-with-studs, nordstroms-womens-shoes


Mens Spirit Sneaker Black Leather 312178 $265

ash-shoes, ash-mens-shoes

Mens Spot Sneaker Coral Leather 312029 $235

ash-shoes, ash-nordstroms, ash-mens-shoes

Mens Steve Sneaker Dark Camel Suede 312256 $235

ash-shoes, ash-shoes-for-men, nordstroms-ash

Mens Vincent Sneaker Fango 310281 $200

ash-shoes, ash-shoes-for-men, nordstroms-ash


Mens Spot Bis Sneaker Taupe Leather $200

ash-shoes, nordstroms-ash, ugly-mens-shoes

Unless you want to look like a nasty chimney sweeper, stay away from these. Dirty is NEVER going to be in. Unless of course you are running with the fools on Skid Row. Why would anyone in their right mind EVER pay MORE for a pair of dirty looking shoes? Just doesn’t quite add up to me.

Mens Vincent Sneaker Distressed Army Denim 310415 $165

ash-shoes, ugly-shoes-for-men

These honestly look like Paddington Bear’s shoes. I don’t know what else to call them but ugly, the stictching is horrible and when put on, I’m sure they will make your feet look fat. This is not attractive guys.

Womens Yahoo Bis Wedge Boot Saffron Suede 312236 $260

ash-shoes, ash-shoes-for-women, nordstroms

Ok, high-heeled sneakers are a win… high-heeled ugg boots? I couldn’t possibly think of anything worse. First of all these are going to make you look like you have camel feet. Second of all, I don’t know where you where your ugg boots but I wear them in the cold weather… when it rains and snows. I can assure you, it is probably not safe to wear these in those weather conditions. Save yourself a trip to the hospital and don’t ever get high heeled slipper boots.

Womens York Wedge Spike Boot Light Camel Suede – 312266 $350

ash-shoes-for-women, ash-shoes, ugly-ash-shoes, nordstroms

Same story as above but worse, when you fall running to your car in the rain, your legs will fall on spikes. Sounds like a blast!

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