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Oh my gosh. Words cannot explain my newfound love in Orange County. Something this city was seriously lacking, a good, deep tissue massage. If you’re from Orange County, you know your only other option when it comes to relieving stress is Burke Williams or Spa Envy. I have never been to Spa Envy, but Burke Williams in my opinion is a Foo-Foo over priced massage spa with lockers and hairdryers. I mean if you’re one of those people who dream of cucumber water, prancing around all day in a white robe and slippers, lounging in a hot tub too many women have sweated in and oh yes- showering afterwards in beautiful travertine tiled showers with FREE BIC razors, then you should probably stop reading here.

Orange County Massages

When it comes to massages, I would give up a lot (think giving up a pair of shoes each month) to get my massage on each month. Don’t worry, I am still a die hard fan of the Thai massage at Pho Siam salon, so don’t think I am giving that up. But as far as my Orange County massages are concerned, HALLELUJAH! affordable, amazing, classy massages FINALLY delivered to the residents of south Orange County by Massage Heights. And we didn’t just get stuck with a shenanigan spa opened by a man who works in the auto body industry. No, we got a distinguished, highly recommended, well- known retreat. In fact, Massage Heights is a franchise with dozens of locations in each state. The brand new Massage Heights I just recently visited in Mission Viejo has only been open since November 2010 but is right on track to becoming the neighborhood frozen yogurt store of spas.

Massage Heights

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Massage Heights in Mission Viejo, Get your first massage for $39! Off of OSO and MARGUERITE

My favorite part about Massage Heights is their affordable PRICE. Meaning, you can get three massages for just one Burke Williams massage. They also offer memberships at different price levels so you can come back each month. And again, these membership prices are no more than your gym pass. So besides the amazing price, the thing that really separated my massage at Massage Heights from past massages I have had at Burke Williams is the level of professionalism and skill their masseuses posess. Before my appointment I filled out a form kind of like what you fill out at the doctors office, but this form included information about what you wanted out of your massage. In brief, the form helped the masseuse to target the areas of your body that needed the most attention. Additionally, after I got in the room with my masseuse, (who by the way is a goddess, her name is Miho) she asked me a few questions about my stress level, areas of pain and areas that just needed to be relaxed. Pretty sure the most I ever got out of someone at Burke Williams was a question regarding pressure as they patty caked my back. Obviously if I wanted that little pressure I could have probably stayed at home and rolled on the ground with some tennis balls on my back. Not my idea of a good massage.

With that said, I just got my massage an hour or so ago and loved it so much I absolutely had to share it with the rest of the OC hood. The fact alone that Miho; my masseuse was able to get my Rapunzel, rope sized knots out of my back, was truly a gift. I am definitely considering turning in my Shoe Dazzle monthly membership for a Massage Heights membership. And for the record, for all of you Burke William money dispensers, Massage Heights does have cucumber water, and water with orange, they add aromatherapy into your massage session AND they have the EXACT same beds as Burke Williams. The only difference is the fact that you cannot lolligag in a sweat and massage-oil filtered jacuzzi all day and shave your legs with Burke Williams BIC razors. Oh wait, one more thing; you don’t have to book your appointment a week in advance. How am I supposed to know when the knots in my back are going to spasm??? Hope you catch my drift. Go let Massage Heights and Miho give your back/body the time of it’s life.

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Massage Heights even offers couples massages! Sexy TIME.