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This is definitely no new trend or find- fabulous Betsey Johnson sunglasses. But if you are one of those people who don’t ever feel comfortable dropping a Franklin or two on a pair of shades, and are never able to find a pair you like tos tick with, this is the post for you. I personally own one pair and have never liked them so much. If you know me, you understand that I carry around a diaper bag sized purse with the essentials and the unnecessary. If I’m not busy sitting on my sunglasses or dropping them, I’ve probably already left them somewhere. This is why I personally have never been able to put any money into them, because they just aren’t and never will be an investment. But for the price of most of the Betsey Johnson glasses I have seen, the quality is great, they are super cute, girly and fun and you can get two or three pairs without feeling guilty.

Betsey Johnson Sunglasses Go Snow

The only disappointment is that; for whatever reason, cute sunglasses are a little harder to get your hands on during the winter months, while they are so incredibly accessible during summer. This is especially for all of Betsey Johnson’s sunglasses. It’s not that they are super hard to find, but new styles are just a rarity after June. However, the bonus is the fact that I HAVE seen a ton of Betsey Johnson aviators and ray bans at places like Marshall’s after summer.

Now that we are going into snow season, there is really no reason to not have them. Who wouldn’t want to look cute on the slopes in a pair of Betsey Johnson sunglasses?


Betsey Johnson Gold and Rose Aviators $46.99



Betsey Johnson White and Tortoise Rayban $38.50


Betsey Johnson Tortoise and Pink Rayban $37.99




Betsey Johnson Pink Neon Sunglasses $55



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