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Winters over (I think) and summers here. That means out with dark nail polishes and in with the bright fun colors. That also means; if you are one to wear different colors with different seasons, out with black and in with white. Being that the term “white nails” has jumped almost 50% this month on Google, I’d say you better hop on the boat or move out of the way. I haven’t been one to ever try a full on WHITE nail polish, but I have always painted my nails very very close to it. What I would like to call borderline white colors. My favorites are all by Essie.

If you are a fan of the bachelor or happened to catch an episode last season, at one point you had to have spied Emily Maynard’s impeccable manicure. And of course the adorable shades of white she always donned. Come to find out, recently on twitter she actually shared her not so secret colors. Her faves? Ballet Slippers, Baby’s Breath and Fiji- all under the brand ESSIE. I will second all but Baby’s Breath, which I haven’t tried yet. Alongside Ballet Slippers and Fiji, I have always been a big fan of “East Hampton Cottage” and “Angel Food”. All are close to the same shade, butt differ just a little.

East Hampton Cottage is the closest shade to white, with just a teeny tiny bit of a shimmer, but nothing very noticeable.

Angel Food and Ballet Slippers are practically the same, except for the fact that Angel Food is a matte polish and Ballet Slippers has a little shimmer in it. Ballet slippers is also a hint of pink in it.

Fiji has always been my absolute favorite. It’s the closest to light pink but it is more of a really cool summer pink. Hands down, it looks good on anyone’s nails. Long, short, dark hands, light hands. A sexy summer color.

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