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As most of you already know, Britney Spears came out with a line under Candies. Not only was the line created JUST by her- but surprisingly, or not- it is a juniors line. Now when most of you think of a Juniors line at any department store you thing skank teenbopper- or at least I do. Swear, high school girls these days must not be living anywhere near their parents because their dress is absolutely atrocious. Either that or their cougarlicious moms are too blind/ dressing along the same lines, to actually see what their daughters are wearing. Anyways this line is supposed to be for juniors right? I mean, yes- there were a few things I could see a girl (in her junior stage of life) wearing but really? … The pleather motorcycle vest or collared work dress-shirts… You think a junior would wear these? It was basically a bunch of stuff I could honestly see my mom wearing to work. What teenager in their right mind is going to dress like the kids from the Trapp family in the Sound of Music…?? Ummmm none that I can name. Don’t get me wrong- the stuff is cute, but people if you are marketing to a junior audience don’t be throwing down pleated skirts and shenanigan dresstop/ coveralls into your teenage clothing line. I only found a few things I was interested in… I was more of confused by the clothing line- BUT the accessories were super cute and not junior aged/ limited too style. They had a bunch of aviators, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, fidoras, purses. Everything. So yay on Accessories, boo on clothes.

Another thing that made me uuber excited was the fact that a lot of the accessories were on sale… for 50% off. Super SCORE. If the accessories I picked out were not on sale I still would have bought them, but there were a few things I liked but decided against because of their price, and knowing I could find these items elsewhere for a third of the price definitely adds to that thumb down on this line. Honestly, its KOHL’S. Does it look like Wal-Mart is able to charge $44 for a glitter purse? Uh, No-Thats probably the reason though why Wal-Mart is more successful than Kohl’s. Its like if I want to buy a $14 pair of sunglasses, the last place I will be buying them is at Kohl’s. Even Forever 21 sells theirs for around $6. So anyways I definitely recommend picking up or checking out the accessories, hair pieces and even the boho bag with sequins was really cute, But definitely check out the items that are on sale first. 🙂

I have posted a few pictures below of the hottest items but check out my Candies Review to see all photos from the Candies line at Kohl’s I checked out.

Super fun Fidora from the Candies line by Britney Spears


Umm... BRIT- What were you thinking when you "designed" this?? Readers, for your own sake unless you want to look homeless/ you make your own clothes blindfolded DO NOT BUY!


A cute shirt and coverup casual but can be dressed up, White racerback was that super soft cotton.


These are those thin scarfs for summer.... And you know how much I love sequins....WINNER!


One of the cute bracelets I got- Light pink pearl, clear and silver on sale $10!


Just a few of the cute Candies necklaces I found.

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