BDB 234x60

Just was at Costco and came across my summer seasonal favorite… so i decided to get another pair. An absolute MUST HAVE. Not joking, I bought 2 pairs last season of this sandal and i probably wore off a centimeter of the bottom. I mean I already love havaianas… I used to be a pretty headstrong Rainbows guzzler but since Havs have come out, I’m pretty hooked. I’m also a way bigger fan of the ‘slim’ ones over the regular, more girly I think. Anyways I promise you, it will be your best $18 spent. You can’t even buy these on the Havaiana’s site… I mean unless you want the completely Bedazzled ones that are $134… but really, we all know how bedazzle ridiculous I am, and I say these are the best. The only other place I have seen them is Nordstroms which retail for $30! Ridic. Click HERE and i will show you them on the nordies site… but seriously go to Costco and get 2 pairs for the price of one!

They come in dark gray-silver, light gray-silver, white and a gold color.

Also if you don’t have a costco card, you can always get a Temp one time pass at the front of guest services…. ENJOY!

My new White Havaianas! $18

Swarovski Crystal Havaianas! It will never come off...

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