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If you are hailing from the city of angels it is your lucky day. I can’t believe no one thought of ever doing date night ideas like this before. We all know February is the month of love. However, it always seems to me lovers come around all year but somehow vanish during the months of December and February. Thankfully considering my Birthday is in February and I have a minor obsession with anything and everything pink, lost love is the least of my worries for this month.

I must say it is much worse at Christmas time when all I notice is the mass amounts of men buying their girlfriends and wives sexy lingerie while I stand next to my father as he questions why women wear thongs at a volume more appropriate for the train station. Let’s just say I have come to accepting my life as is.

Best Date Night Ideas for February

So not to bore you with how I have come to understand the month of February, there is an AMAZING “Date Night” package going on right now at The Grove and The Americana at Brand. Every Monday through Thursday Night from February 1 until April 28 you can get in on this little “Date Night” deal.

For $30 per person you get Dinner for two (a three course meal) plus movie passes for two (At the pacific theater) and Valet! Meaning instead of saying to yourself “Hail Mary full of grace, help me find a parking space” while you and your date toss back and forth movie choices, you can roll up to valet, sit down for dinner and then go see a movie all for the amount you probably would end up paying for dinner alone.

We are talking about dinner at practically every restaurant at The Grove and The Americana at Brand. Were not talking Big Fresh Fish Farm or Juanita’s Tacos status. At the Grove pick from The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge, The Farm of Beverly Hills, La Piazza Ristorante Italiano, Morel’s French Steakhouse & Bistro, The Cheesecake Factory, Maggiano’s Little Italy or Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill. As well as choose from Trattoria Amici, Frida Mexican Cuisine, Katsuya, Granville Cafe or The Cheesecake Factory at The Americana At Brand. I can tell you I have pretty much eaten at all of these restaurants and all are absolutely amazing.

Medieval Times Will Not Impress A Girl

Considering three course meals at any of these places run more than $25 and movies these days are practically extortion unless you see a matinee at 10am… Who wouldn’t be down for date night from now until April? Shoot if I had a date every night- I’d go! This is the perfect opportunity for all you men that fail at planning dates … or dating in general. You seriously can’t go wrong with this one. Getting in the car and saying” Hey, so where do you want to go? ‘I don’t know… wherever you want to go'” does not even cut it for a date. If your going to put in the time stop acting like you are taking your 92 year old aunt out. You boys might think girls are hard to please, but really all we want is to be treated like a lady. No, we do not want to eat chicken with our hands on a first date at Medieval Times and No, we do not want to ride the ferris wheel until we throw up at the fair for a first date. And No, we do not want to go to your favorite mug toasting irish pub for the Schneizelwagertagon draft beer for our first date. Now you take us to dinner like you would a LADY then take us to the fair or Mr. Kirkpatricks German Den, we are all game. Think about it men. Please just take my date night ideas and run with it.

Go snag a pretty girl and we can just pretend this whole “Date Night” Deal was entirely your own research and planning.

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Date Night at The Grove or The Americana At Brand

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