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So in order for me to give you guys a proper answer, I obviously had to do my research right? Everyone wants a credible answer. So of course I went to the girls who not only know best- but i asked a very wide variety of girls, some girls with boyfriends, some without. Some girls with the experience to match anna Nicole Smith and some who maybe tender to the level of Jessica Simpson…. 7 years ago…I got many responses- As one of my friends put it “Its not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean” which in a large part is true. Another girl said “Its not the size of vessel that matters, but the motion of the ocean, heyyyyyyyyy!” So The question every single one of you guys is secretly wondering… Does size matter? the answer- the truth? Yes and No.

Yes: It matters because obviously for a girl as Chelsea Handler would say- penetration is key. I’m by no means saying that if you have a 1″ discostick your doomed for life…. wait no if you do you probably are in this case. But really the best way for me to explain this is size matters to a degree…. To be honest, this question is one I have gotten from my guy friends, friends friends, guy roommates ect.. The funny part about it is you guys ask like you have something to be worried about then when i give you averages its like your Manny Ramirez up to bat. What a joke! So anyways I am telling you boys I think a lot of you underestimate your size. I know your little brains have been filled with the ideas you have seen in porno’s and your thinking all guys have these ginormous weenies. Sorry to break the news but pornstars are pornstars for a reason. Duh.

Now I know your wondering exactly how big most guys are… I had one guy friend that would always ask how big? this big? or this big? or this big? as he moved his fingers like he was stretching out a rubber band. The mean average size for guys is about 5 inches to 5.9 inches…. erect. Relaxed most guys are about 4 inches.

NO: Size does not matter in the fact that um… hello if you have it, you better know how to use it. There are plenty of guys out there that have it, but seriously have no idea how to use it… us girls do not want someone that just thrusts away like a damn construction worker. Now if you unfortunately fall under the tennsie weensie I suggest either lifting your ladies legs in the air or putting them over your shoulder- this shortens the vaginal canal which in turn will give  both you and your female lady a better fit. If your thinking right now “pshh i already got this” then why are you still reading?? 🙂

An example of a guy that is WELL HUNG.

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