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I can’t honestly say that I have ever seen as creepy/ dumb/ overall disgusting commercial in my entire life. MOW THE LAWN? are you shitting me? First of all is their target audience men??? Because I have never EVER heard any female tell me their only plans for the afternoon were to mow their lawn– wait take that back- I can’t say that any friend, has ever told me that mowing their lawn was in the forecasted events for the day. Which girls exactly talk about that so casually? Sure Ill hit up some homies to see if anyone wants to get a wax this weekend, or if a friend tells me she can’t go home with a certain man because downtown needs street sweeping, I usually proceed to yell at her about how irresponsible she is being and then proceed to put my one and one phenomenal wax-thetician Cami into her phone on speed dial.

Cami Stanley from OC Wax

(If you want THE BEST Brazilian of your life/ most affordable for the job done you will call my one and only Cami Stanley. While she PREVIOUSLY was at OC Wax, she is now an independent woman! Cami Stanley has now opened her own little spot down in Laguna Niguel at 27601 Forbes Road, Suite 21. She is THE best in the bussiness. With over 10 years of experience, she’s worked with the best and trained top salons in the area. For bookings with Cami at her new location please call 949-230-5462. Be sure to mention my name for a special discount.

Ladies, how great would it be to look like THIS… every time you saw your man??

Men, if you look like this call Cami Stat, pronto… right now. You are a man not an orangoutang!

I mean I know when I first started getting  brazilians I would joke with my girlfriends about taking unhealthy amounts of ibuprofen so that it didn’t feel like I was getting the pain ripped out of my V, but really this commercial HAS to be a joke.

If you have never gotten a brazilian, I am telling you straight up, after the first two times you get a brazilian its honestly like getting your car cleaned… like a haircut. Who cares? Two down and a brazilian wax is NBFD. I do NOT understand why anyy girl in their right mind would WANT to “Mow their lawn” every week to two weeks, be itchy, suffer from ingrowns, and…. the time and pain alone is worth every penny for a brazilian. Stop acting like your urethra is a holy grail and you just couldn’t possibly dare to get a wax. Get real ladies! The amount of men that have broken your hearts does not even equate to half the pain of a brazilian. bahaha. On top of that if you do it religiously ever 6 weeks ish it gets less and less and … less painful. Honestly. Think about it… you can go 6 weeks between waxes.. not coming within an arms distance of your V! Talk about a dream come true.

Also am I the only one that thinks its beyond hysterical that they use a black girl with an afro during the “some bushes are really big ;)” part and then they use a small Asian girl during the “some gardens are mighty small” part. Maybe I am not up to date with the bushes of the female race but talk about an assumption. I know that darker hair is coarser. Obviously. But, in my opinion I think they should have used Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson for their “big forest/ little garden” examples.

If you are anything like me you may wonder why Americans are so psycho about everything? These ridiculous commercials are putting ideas… false ideas in all of our heads. Now I am kind of interested to ask all of my black and asian girls if they have big lawns or little atriums of bushes…?? not really. But still.

OK. So, in the case that I am actually the CRAZY one and this commercial is completely normal and getting a wax scares the bejeebies out of you… PLEASE comment. You don’t even need to put your name or email. Make one up if you’d rather stay anonymous, I don’t care, But I would like to know your thoughts.

Have fun with this video… but not too much fun, and always remember an unkempt garden is an ugly one, so don’t forget to mow the lawn! Get a gardner (aka a wax) if you are too busy and have the funds.

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