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You know it’s fall when you see “pumpkin lattes” branded across every major Starbucks entry way. You also know it’s fall when you start to look at your neon red or your yellow nails that could land a plane and think it might be a bit bright. Sure, it’s still beach weather, and Sunday Funday bottomless mimosa weekends are still in tact, but your nails are the first to change with the weather. By December you’ll be full fledged into the darks and metallics. However; for now, I’m not completely sold on leaving my beloved neon nail colors to sit in the dark. So I pledge for the next few weeks— metallics. I’ve always loved silver, never really LOVED gold, always thought it looked better on darker hair and skin, but as we all know, it’s not about the shade but sometimes the brand. Certain brands have lines that fall into similar categories. I have always been very true to Essie. The color I have on now that I found at a nail salon close to my house in West Hollywood is from the Essie collection called “Mirror Italics”. It was a summer 2012 line and the gold color I am wearing… and now fully obsessed with is called “Good As Gold” by Essie.


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good-as-gold, essie



ESSIE “Good As Gold”

The only unfortunate thing about light colors I have found is that they get knicked easily and start to chip a lot sooner than darker nail polishes. My other go-to color by Essie “Fiji” which is in between white and light pink also has proven to not have a living life past 3 days, so I typically will apply another top clear coat a few days after I get them done to help keep the polish lasting. Another trick, which I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing with italics, but other colors is applying a sheer top coat of a light or clear glitter nail polish. It’s like having sand paper on your nails and in the end the polish underneath doesn’t stand a chance against any harsh activities you may be committing to.

essie-gold, good-as-gold

 essie-gold, good-as-gold

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