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A close friend had posted this on her Facebook and I thought it was just too dead on and awesome to NOT share with my fellow readers. This applies to everyone all over the world. To share a quick little story from my experience, since I started writing about fashion, music… and … sex. It is unreal how many people are so quick to judge. I’ve actually heard people talk blatantly behind my back about me writing about condoms, and sex tips and dating. It’s unbelievable. It is 2012. Generation Y is having more sex now, and engaged in less relationships than ever. THIS is what I work to enlighten and engage my generation in. Dating, sex advice, treating women properly, not letting women take advantage of all men, knowing how to date and what is appropriate along the way.


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I’ve gotten to the place I’m at now from listening– the more you know, the more power you hold. Each person that I have met has taught me something. So when I write about sex tips and dating, it is usually me analyzing what a few people had said to me about a subject.

I think this picture below is extremely relevant right now considering, it’s been impossible to get into the news without hearing bullshit bullshit bullshit from Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Joker— President Dan Cathy and the political clown of the U.S.- Mitt Romney.

If you share similar feelings to mine, and are also an open minded, leader, please share this article on any and all of your social media platforms. Have a fabulous Monday everyone!

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