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So a few months ago my father got a ticket zipping through Coto de Caza, if you’ve ever been through here you would understand it is difficult to stay BELOW 60.. let alone go the limit of 50 mph. Anyway he got the ticket and claimed cops had no right to be parked around corners where he couldnt see them. It wasn’t until my mother completely lost it on his ticket tailing problem that he decided to Fight the ticket. You might be thinking… yah, yah, I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. Well this my father already knew because he fought a ticket before… and lost. So this time he decided he would do his research and fight his ticket, and he was determined to win.

Now if you thought I knew a lot of people, my dad knows about 20 times as many people as i do… and He is actually pretty good friends with all of them. It ended up my dad wasn’t the only one that hated the Orange County cops squad, his 24 hour fitness workout buddy (1 of 400) gave my dad this book and convincingly stated “Oh, YES, i fought my ticket and beat that rookie cop… last time he pulls me over!!”. My dad took his advice, read the book, then proceeded to tell me his plan of action.

I personally thought my dad was an absolute lunatic…. until he got a check in the mail for the ticket he won…

My dad explained “what i am going to do, is TRICK the cop…. I am going to wait until the very last week to fight the ticket, and then … I am going to go to the courthouse 2 hours from here! I am telling you Alexis, this cop has no idea what’s coming, that day he thought he had won, but mark my words I will win and then HE will be the loser!”

My dad went to his court date to fight the ticket, which was 2 hours away and about 7 months after the date that he got the ticket, and go figure… do you think the cop showed up? Nope. So case in point, whether you get that $500 ticket for driving 105 mph to vegas, or you run that stop sign which you are sure cannot be seen behind the fragglerock tumbleweed by your house. Whatever the case may be.. you might have a chance! So don’t let those cops going to chipotle speed by you going 75 mph in a 40. You fight your ticket and win!

Fight your Ticket and Win in California by Attorney David Brown