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I know. This is a little out there for my dating and sex column, but I can’t even tell you how many guys are still confused. It doesn’t matter if you are a year round major league player or making your rounds in the minor leagues. This isn’t exactly something anyones parents included in the “birds and the bees” convo. I even once had two guy friends ask me about this, won’t name names, but you know who you are 🙂 Thankfully they asked during happy hour. Doubt I could have preached this topic completely sober. The thing that was most surprising to me when my two friends asked, was that the guys at hand were good looking guys, they took girls on dates, had girls over. They had their game faces on. So when they asked me, my initial response was closer to a gasp and a- still to this day, perplexed face. But then when you think about it, any experience or knowledge with the opposite sex comes from trial and error. So to save you guys a few trial and errors… Here you go! PS- Everyone should check out Any situation, question or thought about dating, relationships and sex is answered… correctly!

Disclaimer to anyone who feels the need to judge. Don’t. I post about things I am emailed or asked about in hopes of lending an answer. If you were thrown or in any way offended by my post months ago about condoms, you should find another blog to spend your time on. 🙂


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