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John Mayer: A good guy with the best intentions. So, this post is really about John Mayer and his G-Spot Geometry, but if you are one of those people who knows nothing about the artist besides his dreamy music, I will queue you in. To be brief, Mayers interview with playboy was interesting to say the least. It pretty much was on all the details of his past/ future which included his motivation [to prove people wrong], internet pornography- [has changed our generations expectations], how he would like to write porn, how his masturbation is as good as sex… [?], and then he also talks a little bit about his new record, how anxious he is about never getting married, what it is being black and his relationship in the music industry, his love for Jennifer Aniston, his newest single “Heartbreak Warfare” [about women using jealousy as a tactic in dating], and FINALLY the most interesting of all.. what he really wants to do at age 32… which you will have to read the playboy interview to figure out….. (you will never guess)

But anyways now that I have formally introduced you to John Mayer I am dyying to tell you about his G-Spot Geometry. So his philosophy as I would like to say is pretty simple. Hitting a girls G-spot is all about the angle. Mayer briefly explained his concept in Playboy as “up and over”. So guys I know this sounds like mandarin to you so I will explain how you can make this happen.

With your girl on the bottom, first put a pillow or two under her bum- this puts her higher up –> easier entrance. So with your girl below you… facing you- your goal to keep in mind is “up and over] Upon entering her your move is basically an arc or a half sun- UP- begging of the half sun, OVER- the arc. Make sense? It should be easier if she has a pillow or cushion underneath her. So now you ask me why this is such a promising move? ummm obviously because when you go up you will be directly hitting HER vaginal wall… aka G-Spot. So there you go boys. Now go do your homework and make me proud.

If you can bring your girl to this point you have earned major kudos. But it is difficult so don’t be down boys! Its all about learning right?

I currently have some ladies out there doing their homework for me. I will post back and update you boys on anything else you can do to help in this or any points to change. 🙂

and don’t forget, Let me know how it goes!

What makes John Mayer hot? ohh maybe just knowing what he capable of...