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So if you don’t already know I have been on my search for new music. Real, lyrical, bass, beat, unforgettable artists using their talent to produce us the gift of music. I am not down with you rappers just stacking your chips off of this ring around the rosie you have been playing on the billboards. I have had enough. The majority of you I am sure feel the same, however many realize there is little you can do considering you work in Real Estate or Finance so you just keep going along buying the same stuff you bought years ago, supporting these artists.

Obviously, I am no Master P BUT just look at heartthrob Justin Beiber. Usher obviously felt the same way as I do which is why he went and snagged the artist he thought would bring something new to the table. And look at what Beiber did. Poor boy now gets chased by middle-aged women because his voice and songs are so irresistible… so… different.

Glasses Malone and The Cataracs

Anyways, So a friend showed me this video the other day. Glasses Malone. At first I was skeptical, apparently this song has been all over the radio but considering I have changed my favorite station to AM 1070 News Radio I rarely hear who is on the top of the pop charts anymore. KIIS FM is an on air joke. Constantly playing a total of four songs on repeat each and every day of every week and 97.1 just does the same thing but with no commercials and with five additional songs. So here you have it, I found this song stuck in my head after just listening to it once. I am absolutely obsessed with the collaboration on this track. The mix of Glasses Malone and The Cataracs isn’t something you would typically expect together on the same track. But the duo is insatiable.

Let me know what YOU think.


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