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If you are a girl there is a good chance you have suffered from the stressful, head throbbing mishap of missing jewelry. If you have ever experienced chronicle octopus entwined necklaces, vanished bojangly gold hoops or a bottomless pit of gold and silver in your massive bra drawer, then you my friend have a problem.

NO, it is not the “shoppers problem” as in you buy too much glitz, glamor and shiny beautiful jewels. It is the problem that you are missing out on wearing all your beautiful jewelry everyday!

Fortunate for you, I am sharing my solution. A few years ago when my mothers best friend turned her into a jewel HOG, she also showed my mother the proper way to store your precious gems. NOT with a hanging cabinet of necklaces… what happens when you run out of hooks?? And NOT with a little jewelry box with a spinning ballerina on the top… the music gets old- trust me. BUTT….. TAH-DAH… Tackle boxes… for fishing. Call me crazy but i am done dealing with all those shenanigan jewelry boxes, which- by the way, hold 4 necklaces, 2 rings and maybe 4 pairs of earrings if your lucky. Oh and I almost forgot, cost you the same as a pair of shoes! Such nonsense. No need to fret, tackle boxes will be around FOREVER, and won’t have the chance to ever go out of style.

Now maybe you’re not a big jewelry person, thats fine- But I am telling you even with the smallest jewelry collection 1 tackle box will do you fabulously.

Here are some photos of my tackle box collection i mean… jewelry box collection.

Some of my jewelry in TACKLE BOXES!


An empty tackle box... for future purchases.


My rings... organized in their tackle box home.


Unfortunately however, I could not find pink tackle boxes…. only clear 🙁

Cabela’s Fisherman has the best selection of them here is the link for CABELAS FISHERMAN SERIES

If you browse around on the site you can find the tackle boxes in different sizes too.

If you are adamant on having a big badass jewelry “box” i actually happen to think this is a really cute idea. bahahhaha See picture below.

Pink Box Bench Top Toolboxes

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