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So the other day one of my guys asked me if I knew of a cool place in LA where he could pick up some lingerie for his girlfriend (besides Victorias secret)… we know how embarrassed you guys get going in there. Good selection (not big as in Costco’s selection) and reasonably priced (wouldn’t break his bank). FIRST of all Guys, just a few tips to make your trip as pain free as possible. Girls are difficult… i know, too bad you couldn’t just pick up a new pack of fruit of the loom and call it a day right? Sorry. Just from experience, going with my dad to victoria secret every christmas, is more like walking in knowing he will pick out either something he would wear or something he would like to see my mom wear (26 years and he still struggles with any purchase from that store).

Impress A Girl- Not A Guy

Guys, you do have great taste… in certain areas. However, what you find sexy and hot might not be what a girl considers the same. Sometimes, you guys will pick things out we don’t have the slightest clue what to do with. So take these tips, and never feel scared to ask a sales girl! They will help you. Trust me 😉


Tip 1: TRY to remember what it is that your girl typically wears… if you’ve never seen her in lace chances are she probably isn’t down with lace. You can always try something new though.

Tip 2: We know you guys have the imagination of Alladin but the key is to getting your girl something she will want to jump into and onto you… not something she will thank you for then not even wear.

Tip 3: You CANNOT go wrong with panties and babydolls. (YOU have no idea what that is right? which is why i included a picture of one)- its the see through cover up, bra thing that goes down to her hips.

Tip 4: stay away from bras… I know you know her size like you know your beer but seriously bras are a different size at every location and every brand, so i would just say stay away… who needs bras anyway?

Tip 5: Unless your girl loves the circus stay away from big bows, tassles, switchblades….. anything that looks like you just glued it on. If it looks like it came off your grandmothers table- stay away. If you touch it and it is not something you would want on your bare body, she probably wouldn’t either. Sizing- your girls shirt size is probably the closest to the sizing for a babydoll and panties… just try and creep on her tag to figure it out. ha ha ha ha.

Here are two awesome places…. and they aren’t pink on the inside OR outside… cool right?

Beverly Hills Hosiery – 801 S. Los Angeles Street- Los Angeles (Downtown) 90014- (213) 627-7705

and Frederick’s

Frederick’s of Hollywood (OC)- 83 Fortune Drive (Irvine Spectrum) Irvine CA- 949-585-9221

Frederick’s of Hollyood
(Check LA locations for Frederick’s of Hollywood Locations)

Hope this Helps Guys!


Beverly Hills Hosiery- Downtown Los Angeles Store

GUYS- This is what a BABYDOLL looks like.

This is what NOT to buy- ugly fugly bow.

NARS Illuminators