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Some Bad Hair

You’re sitting at the mall having lunch, minding your own business when two ladies come up talking about their plans as if it is imperative the whole mall hears. After cranking your head around in their direction, it is not their conversation you notice first, but their similar horrific hairstyles. Not only does the style look like they have been under attack by one hundred squirrels but the color also (with the top black and underneath blonde) makes them look like a chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen. What’s worse is the fact that these ladies clearly think they look like the next most happenin’ thing to hit Orange County.

Now, I know that I am no queen of fabulous hairstyles; I have definitely cut my own long hair bangs and made myself look five years old. The point though, is to recognize these failures and change in an upward direction from them. As color is the MOST important part of your hair- for men and women alike, it is important that you go to someone that can do color blindfolded. Now, if you are on a budget or are just trying color for the first time and feel your best option would be going to the local beauty school, by all means, go, go, go. Some of the girls there I know are really talented in fact. However, if you’re going to be dropping paychecks on Alfonso Gaston Hair Extraordinaire, your color better look damn good. I’m not even sure I believe in some of these ritzy salons to be perfectly honest. Yes, they use the same organic shampoo on your hair that they use on Demi Moore and her pooch, and yes they will fetch you Champagne while you get your roots touched up, but really- is all that worth an ADDITIONAL $200? Probably not. If that’s what you are really looking for, pay me the $200 and I will fan you and feed you Champagne for the whole appointment.

So, when it comes to my hair, there are only two hands that have touched it since 6th grade-, which was about twelve years ago for me. It all began at Tres Jolie Salon in Mission Viejo. I will never forget the date, the haircut, the lady, what I did that afternoon- this haircut was more like a death. What I believed to be a “trim” I was getting, should have been called a chop for cancer because this lady literally took off all of my hair and then turned me into a walking Christmas tree. It was far from humorous.

BLONDE bombshell Paris, NOT Orange bombshell. Paris paid $950 too much for this color job. Someone please tell her to go to Astrid!

Does anyone else smell a skunk? ROOTS Kill LiLo! They just made a bigger appearance at the party than your ankle bracelet ...

Hair By Astrid Harvey

Luckily though, with pain there is gain! That same day that I wallowed out of the salon, I asked the pretty front receptionist who did her hair. One card, one name, 12 years of unmistaken, perfect hair. Astrid’s her name and color is her game.

As a child I was no doubt a toe head. Today, it absolutely kills me when I notice strands of sandy blonde or strawberry blonde streaks. While I know Astrid thinks I am completely crazy each time I rave to her about how I am turning into a Brunette, she always knows exactly how to fix my hair to my liking. Not only have I never had a bad cut or color, but Astrid is the hairdresser that- when you say you want an inch cut off, she cuts exactly an inch… not five inches.

Now if you are one of those people who like going into the San Sebastíon salon and telling the stylist to “give me something new and extraordinary” aka make me unnoticeable, Astrid probably isn’t your girl. Or maybe she is and I just don’t know it. What I do know is, those hair extraordinaires scare the scalp off me.

The one thing I must say most fail to realize is that, although your hair and its new summer seasonal shine of color looks fab when you walk out of the salon, it is only a matter of a few weeks before your roots start protruding through. Gross. The reason why Astrid is so good with color is because, whichever shade you are trying to get to, she will get you there by mixing the right tones to give you an even color. None of this putting one color all over your head so that when your roots make their grand appearance you look like a snickers bar.

Astrid can do every shade, and make it look like it is yours. She knows colors, not just hair colors; skin tones, seasons, everything- and she makes it all go together like it's meant to be.

Hair for the Holidays

For the most part, my hair is au natural, but as winter rolls around, I definitely make my rounds to keep the top of my head looking like the sun is always shining on my hair. While I just recently got my hair done during the last week of October it has now been about 6 weeks and I am including below pictures that were taken during my hair appointment as well as photos taken for my site after.. Still looks natural and beautiful, no skunks hiding in my doo. Don’t spend the holidays looking like you colored your hair yourself.

Astrid will be running a special until the end of January not only color but also haircut styles for women and men. By calling and booking an appointment with the reference of “HayitsAlexis” receive a free haircut with color. I can guarantee you 150% you will not be disappointed.

Orange-County-hair, blonde-on-blonde, hair-blonde

Astrid from Marc and Company- color GENIUS


Marc and Company


22958 El Toro Road, Lake Forest CA 92630

Orange-County-hair, blonde-on-blonde, hair-blonde

Hair just done! Partial weave by Astrid. Can't even tell it's not my baby hair huh?

Hair By ASTRID Marc and Company in Orange County, CA

Hair By ASTRID Marc and Company in Orange County, CA

Hair By ASTRID Marc and Company in Orange County, CA

Hair Cut, Colored and Styled By ASTRID Marc and Company in Orange County, CA

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