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Ouch- You wake up with that awful gopher looking, plum sized bruise on your neck… and you have class in an hour and a job interview in 3 hours. Obviously you would have prevented this, if you knew it was happening- or maybe not. Either way you’re not going to let a little neck teaser get in the way of of your plans, right? And by this I also mean, you’re not going to wear an itchy turtle neck from holiday photos in the midst of the west coast August heat wave. If you typically claim this is your only option- You’ve been fooled. Your options to get rid of or cover up last nights escapades are endless. When I say cover up- that goes for both girls and guys and does not include that turtleneck or scarf. Sure, if you are in a rush this could work temporarily, but please if you are a guy- even if it is August go for the scarf and keep that turtle neck tucked in your bottom drawer.

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Unless your plans are on the couch tomorrow, you're going to need this hickey advice.

The Hickey

So with that said, you are probably wondering by now what your options are exactly. But just to give you a brief background, when you get a hickey, as it appears to be a bruise it is really the damaging or breaking of the blood vessels. You get the bruise from blood leaking from these injured blood vessels into the tissues. So the object of the game is to disperse the blood from the bruise. Always going from the center and pushing away from the hickey. If you scrape from top to bottom, guaranteed you will have to rock that scarf or turtle neck. Here are two of the most talked about with the best proven results. I have also included a video that gives you a wide variety of different hickey be gone tricks and techniques. Good luck!

Chapstick Trick– This is the one trick I have heard from multiple people which presents the best results. First, put a little chap stick over the hickey. Then, using the cap, push the blood through the hickey (bruise) in an outward, circular direction. Once you’ve done this for about 15 to 20 minutes, you should be able to see a drastic change.

Comb Trick– With a fine tooth comb, start from the center and comb outwards, by going in a full circle a few times it will ensure you don’t miss any parts. Make sure that you use enough pressure but not so much that it delivers painful results. It will also help to tilt your head to the opposite side of the hickey so that your skin is tight when you use the comb.

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