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So a few weeks ago when I was in Vegas I was leaving strip steak at Mandalay and I noticed the hostess shoes…. Almost ripped them off her feet. She had paired these Athena Alexanders with a super cute/ short Tadashi black cocktail dress. She actually looked dressed up enough to go out but still with a little casual flare. Definitely a good pair. It didn’t hurt that she was one of those bitches we hate with long gorgeous tan legs 🙂 Killer.

I was lucky enough to snag a pair of these ON SALE from Nordstroms yesterday. I found them in quite a few sizes (rare) and for the most part in the black and pewter color. Another plus? Athena Alexanders are really comfortable so I know I’ll be doing a hot comfortable strut. So case in point put these bad boys on for a night out or to as Nichole Carroll and Tyler Rose swimwear always say “Walk poolside like its a runway”.

Athena Alexander Roxi Wedge Sandal $49.50 ORIGINALLY $69.50

Bedazzles that won't come off- Athena Alexander Roxi Sandals

Yes my shoes are on my bed... but they are clean so...

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