BDB 234x60

I can only speak for myself when I say that if I had to pick a cell phone tomorrow regardless of price and others harnessing opinions, I would still get an iphone. I have the 3GS and I have never been so happy. If you have never had an iphone or itouch, it is a whole new world. Everything you could ever imagine is at your fingertips. I barely even use safari because I have so many amazing apps. When I was waitressing I even had an app called itreadmill which accurately counted my steps. I was pushing about 5 miles every night! So if you are considering a new phone and debating between the HTC EVO with Sprint and the iphone with AT&T, the only thing I can recommend is watching these two videos. On a final note, I am not sure if it’s where I am located or maybe it’s just the fact that I pay little attention to phone calls and texts, but I have had very few complaints about AT&T service. I know I have heard a lot of bitching from people about their reception but it seems to me, all the places Verizon doesn’t get service AT&T does- and all the places AT&T doesn’t get service, Verizon does. In a nutshell, you will never win with a mobile phone, so go for the phone that fits your needs.

My cute little bedazzled iPhone