BDB 234x60

If you know me, you have probably heard my many stories of how I hustle to make money. I think everyone is absolutely crazy not to follow my path…. Then again, you not being able to go out on the weekends or afford that extra cashmere coat has a lot to do with the fact that You my friend, are not resourceful and obviously simply don’t want it bad enough. Come to think of it, your probably sitting on un-made money as we speak. Now we all know you can go and sell stuff on Amazon or Ebay. I’ll admit this does take a little bit of time, but it pays off if you have been dreaming of building a basketball court in your backyard and just need to top off your piggy bank. On another note- I have come across easier ways to make money in 3 seconds flat.

For example, you know that old Nikon Camera you thought was so cool in 11th grade, or that old blackberry sitting in your drawer because you have moved up in life (ie. you now roll with an iphone). We both know in another year those two items will still be sitting where they are.. at some point you’ll even throw them in the bag to go to the goodwill or sell them at a garage sale, thinking they have no worth. YOU ARE WRONG. Those ancient electronics might just be worth something on

Now I do know plenty of you hoarders who insist on keeping things like these, telling yourself the value will go back up to what you bought it at. THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Unfortunately we all have spent loads on things that are now worth about 1/5500 of that price… But hey, you live and you learn. Stop being a pack-rat, get rid of all your junky shenanigans you will never use again, and put some money in your bank.

I too, have been a hoarder, but in order to live a clean, clear and CONTROLLED life, you really need to get rid of your clutter. I seriously cringe when I go to people’s places and they have wind up toys from Wendy’s… or an old mini beanie baby from McDonalds’s… Really? You’re in your 20’s/ 30’s and you have random free shit everywhere??? Completely unacceptable. I once helped a mom I babysat for clean out her closet– what a nightmare. The things she thought were going to “Come back” was the biggest joke of all….. Um. No, your CLUE/ Rapist looking raincoats are never coming back; neither is your little house on the prairie church shoes.

I personally was able to get $300 for an HP laptop I bought 4 years ago, some random Pentax camera that still took AA BATTERIES I got $30 for, and a calculator I got $15. I would say I scored. 🙂

On a final note the ONLY thing about is you have to have a Costco membership…… but how hard is it to find someone to loan you there number? Um. Not hard at all!! This could be too easy....