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Get excited men! As I recently crossed paths with the best thing since Spanx for women I couldn’t help but think of my loyal male audience to share my findings with. As I was at a birthday dinner with a bunch of old friends I couldn’t even tell you what everyone was talking about but the next thing I knew, a guy across the table declared [in and OUTSIDE voice],

“YA! It’s great, it keeps it all in, really makes you look good”.

Hmm, if you knew my guy friends you would know that there are only a million things they could possibly have been referring to. However, this conversation was referring to my one friend and the latest fashion trend he was rocking. Wearing his Under Armor tank under his collared button down.

You know how ladies wear tight Spanx underneath their teeny, weenie dresses? Oh… you didn’t? Well, Spanx is probably the only item that can make our silhouette look smoother than J-Lo’s. If you were thinking we all were packaged like Heidi Klum- keep dreaming.

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But the Under Armor for men fulfills the exact same purpose. Making us human beings appear less flawless than we already are, like an airbrushed photo. It does enough yet does not completely transform you. Meaning, if you take your shirt off later in front of her it’s not like she is going to drop on the floor because your “bigger” self just exploded out of your shirt. Unless; of course, you’re wearing Under Armor tighter than a corset.

I can’t believe I haven’t heard of Spanx making a men’s line by now. I never even thought of a type of Spanx for guys but it’s beyond genius. A much better go-to than a wife beater or another uncomfortable stuffy T-shirt. Now, ff this is one of those best-kept secrets amongst men which is as big as women stuffing their bra’s to make their boobs appear larger, I apologize. As I have never heard of this little trick before I figured, who better to inform than my male readers?

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