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[“Where can you leave room in your life to open up space for the magic to happen”]

Where can we leave space – when we wake up at 6am and see our calendar is maxed out until 10pm. Nothing can be moved, nothing can be pushed. I believe based on what you do and where you live, it is very easy to get caught up. We get caught up in work, in technology, in our relationships and sometimes it feels impossible to make time for everything. However, one thing I know, is the minute you start making time for the things that really matter, when you stop making excuses and just make time, this is when you have that room you are giving yourself to grow or learn. This is where, as Dawn McCoy nails it “..leaving room in your life to open space for the magic to happen.”

During the weekdays I try to stay away from social media as much as I can during my free time. Being that i sleep and breathe digital and social media all day in my career, I try to limit my time after hours. Dawn McCoy is a truly inspirational model I allow myself to follow and keep up with, because what I get out is far more than the time I put in following her. This advice above I held onto from an Instagram story she recently put out.

Dawn also talked about how important it was that, when we are able to say yes, not waiting to ask ourselves the question, but saying yes. When we do the two things together advised by Dawn – when we both leave space open for things, and then we say yes, THAT is where the magic happens. I couldn’t agree more. Maybe it is the true FOMO coming out in me 90% of the time, but typically when I do leave space and then say yes to the things I might not usually say yes to, this is when the more unexpected beautiful things happen. I feel there are multiple instances where I feel strongly about this statement by Dawn, but it is always a good reminder especially during these seasons where we do get busier and sometimes forget to just make time.

Making time doesn’t have to be something you carve out everyday for a set amount of time – it can be something as small as fifteen minutes at night or thirty minutes at lunch, or blocking out your Thursday night to give yourself time and space to make decisions you might not normally make.

If you want to follow more of Dawn – (her instagram stories are my personal fave, you can follow her here)