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For this month, I wanted to switch it up on my posts. There are a few things I’ve wanted to write about so figured I would just compile a few of my favorite things from March to post. Enjoy.

Santa Monica Brew Works

If you’re on the hunt for a new date spot, or after work happy hour hangout or a really awesome place on the westside to try some great local beers, the new (ish) Santa Monica Brew Works tasting room is your new spot. From the pale chocolate heaven to the California blonde to the Modern Witbier, there is something for everyones tastes. Not to mention, the local brewery changes up their beers fairly often. A favorite leading into the glorious Cali spring months.

Lush Olive Branch Body Wash

There are no words to really describe my new obsession with this body wash. I’ve been a big fan of the Lush line of products for a while, if you are not familiar, Lush is a brand that started back in the UK, I not only love their products because of how they make me feel, but they are a brand you want to support! All products are handmade and they source the best, safest and most sustainable ingredients possible for their products. If you haven’t started paying attention to the ingredients in the products you are using, it might be time. Additionally, Lush offers a line of ‘Charity Pots’ which 100% of the purchase of these items goes to grassroots organizations. So, with that all said, one of my March favorites includes the Lush, The Olive Branch Shower Gel. While a little goes a long way, the smell is invigorating, keeping your skin smelling as fresh for the whole day.


Sam Edelman – Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal

These heels caught my eye during a recent visit to Jillian Harris’ page. While I immediately was attracted to the vibrant purple / pink heel, I was on a hunt for a good wedding heel as I am a bridesmaid in a few upcoming ones. For two weddings I needed something that would work on grass and cobblestone / rocky areas. Wedges I feel can sometimes give, rolling your ankle on unstable surfaces, however, a big block heel, not too high I figured would be perfect. I ended up getting this heel in the classic nude nappa leather. Leather being a safer bet than suede on grass. These heels I feel will be a great addition to my collection for spring.


The great Heart of Konrad Reuland

In December, a dear friend Konrad Reuland passed away from a serious brain aneurysm. I will never forget the day I got the call from my friend letting me know he had just taken Konrad to the hospital as he heard something in his brain “pop”. All I can remember from this period was complete hope. I was committed to believing that Konrad had a fighting chance. Being an NFL player his organs and body were in mint condition. There was no way he wouldn’t pull through. It’s hard to believe my inner circle of friends who were also close to Konrad have made it through the past 4 months without him.  I can’t say that there has been a day I haven’t thought of our friend. This article and video from the OC Register pulled at my heart strings. I encourage everyone, if you have a minute please read. I hope this article inspires you as Konrad has continued to inspire me even while he has been gone.


“Every failed experiment is an opportunity to learn”. Sarah Tavel

After receiving this article in an email from “Women in Product” a few weeks ago, this quote has continued to resound with me. In this article, Sarah Tavel dishes great advice on building and scaling teams and cultures. Lessons include hiring for diversity early on, being comfortable with change, hiring people who think like owners, confronting pain head on and treating failures as learning opportunities. Failed experiments are something that is very common in my field of digital and marketing. It’s so important to try new things, even if you aren’t 100% sure they will be a hit in order to continually develop and grown your business and content and way that you are reaching your audience. Also, outside of work this quote is a great reminder, that even when we fail continue to remember that as long as you have learned from it, it’s going to be ok.

“Levitation” by Beach House

New jam I’ve had on repeat. Very different from my normal poolside jams or jazz, but I’m digging it.

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