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It’s my new favorite bedtime bath item… and it’s from… Trader Joe’s? Who would have thought! My roommate recently urged me to try hers and it wasn’t long before I was stopping by TJ’s on my way home from work to snag my own. Lavender always reminds me of the spa, so it’s calming and just makes you feel sweet and sexy. The two products sold are- Trader Joe’s¬†lavender spray body oil¬†($4.99) and then a Trader Joe’s lavender salt scrub ($5.99). Both are absolutely to die for. They not only smell amazing, but also will make your skin feel amazing. My only big recommendation when using this is in the shower or if you do take a bath with the scrub you have to be careful because it has an oil base and will make the bottom of the tub super slippery. The Trader Joe’s lavender scrub is ideal for exfoliating and keeping your skin looking healthy and smooth, not to mention these products are all natural.

My absolute FAVORITE thing to do with these is use both right before bed. If you use the scrub then spray the oil on your body and hop in bed, the scent will rub off on your sheets and you will continue to smell the lavender each night after. There is truly nothing better than falling asleep to a familiar scent especially that being lavender.




trader-joes-lavender-scrub, lavender-body-oil

trader-joes-lavender-spray, lavender-salt-scrub



trader-joes-lavender, lavender-salt-scrub, lavender-oil-spray

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