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We’ve all been there- done that. Thinking a guy will come around, thinking he’s the one, thinking he’s worth it. Making excuses, chasing after something as palpable as air. It’s true, he’s good for someone but is that someone you?

How could you not absolutely adore Carrie Underwood; she’s hot and her songs apply to all the above. While today we may be able to spot the wrong guy from a mile away, how many of us can say that was always the case? Even today I can’t say that I can pick out every single one. I’m sure my friends can spot the wrong ones for me quicker than I can, and that goes the other way around. Every once in a while one might slip through the cracks, one we all think is perfect, is great, until a turn of events. It’s always then that you look back and can see how bad he was from the very beginning.

Carrie Underwood “Good Girl”

After listening to this song, I know every girl out there will just gush “SO TRUE” and “THAT’S HAPPENED TO ME”. But instead, take a second to really ask yourself if your number one guy right now is making you his number one girl. Does he have¬†any of the qualities similar to the one in this song? Is he pursuing you? Is he making plans with YOU? Is he making you wait? Is he making an effort? In the end how far is he willing to go to see you, to go out with YOU? If you’re doing all the leg work, good girl…open up your eyes. He may be the total package, might have the looks, the job and a good family, but good girl he’s not for you.

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