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Lil Wayne “Mirror”

It’s true. Who can you really depend on today? Who better knows where you’re going?… and can get you there. Who is one of the only people that know the pain you go through that you never let show through your pride? The person that struggles to find satisfaction in all you do… the only person that will be there for you through all the time you rise and fall. Sure- there will be others in your life that will come to be your support, but throughout all your years the only one that has seen you fail, succeed and grow continuously is yourself. I can’t help but think how amazing that would be to be on the other side of the mirror looking out rather than in.

Lil Wayne can be a creative genius. “Mirror” featuring Bruno Mars is more artistic than some of his other videos with a special twist in the end tying in Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”. When you hear the same rap songs day in and day out with the same story line and concept, it’s beyond refreshing when you get your hands on something like this.

 [youtube id=”OZLUa8JUR18″]


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