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Loving this video that dropped last night for the single “Get Like Me” from Nelly ft. Pharrell and Nicki Minaj. The coloring of branding for Beats By Dre., Nike, Christian Louboutin, Auburn and others doesn’t make it seem like it was paid integration which is SO refreshing. I can’t get enough of Pharrell lately and of course Nelly and Nicki Minaj are two other phenoms. What’s REALLY insane about this video, I’m not sure if it was intentional, but two years ago, Nelly and Pharrell released a video for “Let It Go” which is not only also in black and white but is extremely similar in the way the video was shot, dancers are similar, there is a car that the two guys are rapping around. About 50% of the video looks like it could have honestly been shot at the exact same location as the video two years ago. Am I the ONLY one that noticed this? Because looking on google, I haven’t seen any other music outlets write about this similarity. Awesome video overall, both posted below.

Nelly ft. Pharrell and Nicki Minaj – “Get Like Me”

[youtube id=”yFUAuIfJNJg” w=”560″ h=”315″]

Nelly ft. Pharrell “Let It Go”

[youtube id=”E3Kdbelgf30″ w=”560″ h=”315″]

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