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Nicki Minaj is so crazy and amazing, it’s truly unbelievable. Don’t you all just wish you could be here? Umm… I know I would die to run around town in a pink lamborghini, neon wig, combat boots and neon lipstick. But if I did it, people would probably think I belonged in a psych ward. She can pull it off! It’s like Kanye west in his skinny jeans, fur coat, and animal print top. There are just so few people who can pull off the look and shine.

Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe” video which includes lyrics like “I’m Angeline, you Jennifer, come on bitch you see where Brad at” is catchy, fun and it goes to show, if you can’t follow…. you a stupid hoe.


[youtube id=”T6j4f8cHBIM”]



Dear Lil' Wayne, Just because Nicki Minaj is the newest addition to YMCMB, this does not give you the rights to wear crazy leopard pants in public.


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