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New Years Eve

It’s one of those celebrations which you either have big blowout plans for, or you have the plans you don’t quite figure out any further than 72 hours in advance. I truly have been everywhere for New Years Eve, Whether I was huddled outside with a bottle of wine dressed in jeans over long underwear in Mammoth Mountain, or running down the ice cold Las Vegas Boulevard in 4″ pumps and one of my mini party dresses or even the New Years reunion bash at a close friends.

The one factor all of these places have in common is not where I was at 11:55pm or what time I got home, but what I was wearing. Silly, I know, but I do have an endpoint for you- so keep reading. Whether you are in the snow, or Mars or the Mojave desert, or on a plane  when the ball drops, the most important thing is that you start off the new year looking your finest and feeling your sexiest. Who feels sexy in long underwear and jeans? Not I. So even for those of you who will be sporting this hot little look, I have some pointers to turn heads wherever you are.

Obviously the hottest item you could sport for New Years, is a fun dress you wouldn’t normally wear to just a dinner or bar hop. Think fun, sexy, chic and classy. I am not talking about wearing your favorite red dress with the bow covering your shoulder and the slit up the side. No- it is New Years, not the premier of Dancing with the Stars. Leave your frilly fun, game show outfits at home. New Years is about the new you. Trust me, this is not the night you want to go down in your friends books as the girl in the beautiful peacock feather mini dress. Again, think Sexy not Masquerade. This is the time to bust out your favorite black cocktail dress and lavish yourself with this seasons hottest jewelry and stilettos. Avoid any dresses with flower patterns, large  pumpkin sized cutouts, anything with stripes, ruffles or dresses that look like someone threw glitter on you.

If you’re not a big dress person. Not a problem. For you, focus on your mid section, i.e your top and jewelry. Now, a little secret I must share is how fixated men are with the black-tight-spanx- lulu lemon type of pants. Too many guys have told me how they just can’t get enough of them, so save yourself the pressure of picking out the perfect pair of jeans and wear these pups with some hot boots and a chic top that you know you will shine in.

Party Dresses

Arden B. Two Tone Sequin Tube Dress $55.20

arden-b, party-dresses, cocktail-dress

I actually tried this dress on, and it is just as cute on as it is in the picture. Unless you'd rather blend in with the couch, or your dates coat, this is your GO-TO Dress!

Arden B. Beaded Babydoll Dress $47.20

arden-b, party-dresses, sequin-dress

If you can't do the full blown sequin number, this is another great option to just stick out enough.

Arden B. Snake Hardware Tube Dress $47.20

party-dresses, arden-b, cocktail-dress

Now, if you are going for a more upscale, classy and older or more mature look, but still carry that edge of sexiness this dress is perfect for you.

Arden B. Crinkle Taffeta Tube Dress $71.20

arden-b, party-dresses, cocktail-dress

Another hit, pair with a little black coat and you're off for a night being the center of attention. Classy, Sexy, and NOT BLACK. 🙂

Fashion Jewelry

For New Years Eve, making a statement is sexy, so the best way to make your own statement going into the new year? By wearing the unrecognizable goods. Yes, I know you have a really cute black flower ring, but guess what? So does everyone else. Aim high. If you’re cruising to the mall or rifling through your drawers look for jewelry you wouldn’t normally have the balls to wear but want this big night to be different.

Forever 21 Floral Panel Bracelet

bangle, forever-21, fashion-jewelry

Big cuffs are definitely in right now and can make any dress whether it be with long sleeves or no sleeves look very hip. Another plus is with these cuffs you can pair a little chain or (faux) diamond bracelet on this wrist and really dress it up in style.

Guess By Marciano Large Rhinestone Hoop Earrings $48

marciano, fashion-jewelry, hoop-earrings

If you're not a huge accessories person but still want to shake it up, you can't go wrong with hoops. A must have, will go with any dress, Just make sure the hoops and necklace don't clash. If you're pulling hoops go with a more subtle necklace. If you're rocking studs in your ears you can dress up with a chunkier, more outgoing necklace.

CC Skye Double Wrap Leather Screw Bracelet $160

cc-skye, power-bracelet, fashion-jewelry

Feeling gold for the big night? Can't get any hotter than these leather wrap bracelets that started surfacing a few months ago. One word- Power.

CC Skye Crystal Line Ring $150

cc-skye, gold-rings, fashion-jewelry

I know these rings have been around for a while but they are still liquid gold.

Finishing Touches

Nordstroms- DKNY Control Top Opaque Tights $10.88

dkny, tights, new-years-eve

So you're going to be outside or in the cold? Or feeling like the winter washed your legs away? No biggie. I'm not saying these are thermals but they will definitely keep the wind chill factor down on your pretty little stems. Can be paired with practically any dress.

Arden B. Pintuck Leather Jacket $69

arden-b, leather-jacket, new-years-eve

I saw a similar jacket over a short holiday dress on a mannequin the other day and it looked very "it". The dress may show a softer side to any girl, but the leather jacket adds that bad girl, fun, sexy flare.

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