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What I would do to be on a set for a video like this! Nicki Minaj and Cassie do it again— pink everything you could ever think of, neon, hot swimsuits, hot men, hotter cars…and of course…the gorgeous Cassie. What more could you possibly want to see in a video?

[youtube id=”kXFcr6oy5dk” w=”600″ h=”400″]

Funny story, about a month ago I was at my go-to beauty store Beauty Collection in West Hollywood and standing at the counter to pay I look across and see no other than Cassie standing straight ahead of me. There is another fashion blogger I know named Amanda ( who writes about Cassie’s fashion and music ALL the time, so naturally I had to get a picture of her to send to Amanda. At the time I didn’t even think of getting a picture with Cassie. Nice going Alexis. Anyways, I walked up to her and asked for a picture. I chatted with her for a little while, she was out shopping with her hair stylist and brother- both of which she introduced me to. I was shocked, sweetest girl ever. There are so many people in West L.A. and Hollywood who act like they are somebody, as if they are far too busy and powerful to be nice. But Cassie, who is obviously somebody, acted the complete opposite. When I ran into Cassie in the beauty store she was dressed down in workout clothes, with little makeup on, but still looked absolutely stunning.

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This song “The Boys” with Nicki Minaj and Cassie is SO fun, it’s so upbeat and just an overall good jam to get you going. Nicki Minaj goes to town in every video and Cassie’s look in this video is beyond gorgeous.

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