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FINALLY. It is here. Sara Haze on the vocals for RIOT, a song she and Jaron Boyer wrote for the 2014 Rascal Flatts album called “Rewind”. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of country music but I like a few artists here and there including Rascal Flatts, but what really makes me giddy is that finally I can listen to my friend from college days, Sara Haze sing with her goddess-like voice the lyrics to this amazing song she wrote.

If you aren’t familiar with Sara Haze, please jump on board N O W. She is absolutely phenomenal all around. She writes some of the most amazing, deep and real songs I’ve honestly ever listened to and she is hands down one of the sweetest, happiest girls you will ever meet. Unfortunately she moved out to Tennessee a few years ago to pursue the depths of country music, and obviously it couldn’t have been a better decision.

I know I won’t have to beg any of you to play this song once or even twice, because as soon as you press that play button it is a all over. To this day, Sara’s charming but deep voice is so distinct I could recognize it anytime, anywhere and it’s one of those voices that moves you through the lyrics.

Listen to RIOT by Sara Haze below. I’ve also included videos to some of her other songs that I’ve always loved.