BDB 234x60

My current obsession. Bandeau bras. What’s not to love ladies? First of all, let me just say they are WAY more comfortable than any normal bra. They are especially fabulous during this heat wave we have had (Sorry if you are stuck in San Fran or somewhere else cold). I got hooked pretty recently when I bought a cute, loose James Perse tank at Nordstrom’s. When I tried it on I hated the whole bra situation, so of course I asked my girl Tiffany (THE MOST AMAZING employee at Nordstrom’s t.b.d, Mission Viejo Mall, CA) how she would wear it. I mean; after all, it was her gushing about it that landed it in my dressing room.

So her advice? Bandeau all the way. After she scurried around and picked up a few for me to try on, it was love at first sight. Not only does it look way better than having trashy bra straps sticking out, but; if you mix up a fuchsia, red or other bright color, it makes the overall outfit look that much cuter. I ended up going to a BBQ later that week and threw on my new black bandeau, white James Perse tank and some cute jean shorts and sandals. It almost gave the outfit a more dressed up, older look. Not to mention my chi chi’s felt freer than ever. I seriously recommend the Bandeau for anyone of any age and any size. If you are worried the Bandeau won’t be good for your back (if you are a full C or bigger) from wearing it myself, I honestly think if anything it is better. Call me crazy, but no straps weighing down your shoulders while holding all your goodies up?

Also, the Bandeau’s are by no means anything like a tube top, or bandeau bathing suit top. I’m actually not a huge fan of bandeau bathing suit tops, especially at the beach where it seems impossible to go for a swim or even laying out without constantly adjusting yourself.

Call me crazy but I went back recently and bought a few other Bandeau’s in lace and other colors to have fun with and have yet to wear anything but! A must have.


Forever 21- Dot Seamless Bandeau $3.80

(Available in Hot Pink, Blue, Black, Peach, White & Purple)


Forever 21- Padded Lace Bandeau $6.80

(Available in Pink, Red, Turquoise & Purple)


Victoria Secret- Multi-Way Bandeau $28.50

(Available in Pink, Green, Yellow, Violet, Midnight, Purple, Coral, Nude & Black)


Nordstroms- Frenchi Lace Bandeau $24

(Available in Black, Nude, Stone & Purple)


Nordstroms- Hanky Panky ‘Signature Lace’ Bandeau Bra $37

(Available in Hot Fuschia, Electric Purple, Army Green, White & Black)


Nordstroms- Intimates Bandeau $18

NARS Illuminators