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Imagine getting the hottest pair of kicks send to your door once a month? Yes, I know, my mother would have a heart attack as well, but seriously- totally worth it. I didn’t know what to think of the new business Kim has thrown out there this site called ShoeDazzle , basically asks you some questions regarding the trends you like, the ones you would like to rock, and the ones that stand out the most, then they pull all the options of new shoes that would fit you best. And not to mention the shoes they actually pull are super cute. They give you a few options each month then you pick which one you want… all for….$39.99! Shipping included! How cool is that?? The only thing is that when you enter your credit card information, they will not charge you until you pick your very first pair of shoes from the showroom. But, once you pick those shoes from then on they will charge you the $39 each month, if there isn’t a style you like or you need to skip a month and build some more space for your new shoe collection you can avoid being charged by simply clicking skip this month button. I signed up (obviously) so I am off to go pick out my first pair, I will write later and let you know how they fit, ect. Let me know if you join too and find a cute pair!!


ShoeDazzle Website!


Some of ShoeDazzles Hot Collection!