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“welllll obviously we have a RAAAAPIST ihhn LINCOLN PARK, he be climbin in yo wndows and snatchin yo peopo uuup tryna rape em so yall need ta hide ya keed, hide yo wife, aaand hide yo husbann cuzz they raypen eeeehhhhbody oww heeeeaaauhhh”

Probably the FUNNIEST video I have ever seen. I’m not sure if this guy Antoine knows really how hilarious his clip was going to turn out but way to go. It is absolutely HYSTERICAL that A. The news ACTUALLY used this video for a news post… obviously they are running out of good feed. B. This man  crazy Antoine) is legitimately upset about the incident, this is no acting C. wtf is going on in Lincoln Park??? Climbing on trash cans to get into some girls room?? Honestly right when I thought the people in this world couldn’t get any crazier, the news anchor releases this tragic ordeal. Bunch of crazy pants in Lincoln Park if you ask me. One this is for sure is Antoine did stand up comedy…. ID WATCH IT! 🙂

PS- Whats even funnier is there are actually people now releasing rap videos to Antoines heated interviews. Go youtube it if you have a chance.

Lock yo windows, cuz they comin fo yo people homeboys!!!

“You are so dumb, you are really dumb….FOREAL”