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Understand Women or Men?

After I began reading Steve Harvey’s “Straight Talk, No Chaser”, what I would refer to as the Urban Dictionary to understanding men, I have decided to start a Steve Harvey series for the site. After only three pages, I realized how many of my haunting questions about men had already been answered. During my time in college I most definitely can attest to living with every gender, race, walk of life and type of crazy. I wouldn’t exchange any of my experiences or roommates with anyone in the world because of how much I learned in the process. However, when I lived with guys this past year, the one thing I realized was how simple men are… especially in comparison to women. Women are beyond complicated and each is completely different. To understand women is to understand the taxonomic classification of monkeys. The taxonomic classification of monkeys clusters the animals by families and sub-families, where each is completely different from another, yet each family shares some of the same characteristics as well. With women you group them as needy, independent, crazy, wild, fun, smart, nerdy, organized, out of control, controlling… and with each grouping come the shared traits each of those women have.

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Steve Harvey's "Straight Talk, No Chaser"

For example you know that all the women that fall under independent are also probably difficult to understand, hard to reach, will take care of you but will not wait around for you, will support you without allowing you to be lazy… etc. Being able to successfully understand women is something the majority of the men out there will never be able to put on their resume of knowledge. But as I have learned from my father, with women it is about simply knowing how to play your cards right. In an argument a man will never be right, and if he is- in the end he is still losing out because if you don’t already know from experience… women must always win. As a kid I too learned how to deal with women; or should I say woman, that being my mother. And typically it wasn’t about understanding her or where she was coming from but learning how to play my cards right. Sorry mom if you are reading this. So really at any age, understanding women is not your hurdle, your hurdle is understanding HOW TO PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT.

“Straight Talk, No Chaser”

So with this said, I am hoping my series on Steve Harvey’s “Straight Talk, No Chaser” will help women better understand men. Maybe understanding men and the simplicity of them is what is really stunting our relationships and question about dating, men and sex. Because we all know, women (the complicated population of the world) only complicate things more when it comes to seeing, dating, sleeping with, committing or marrying a man.

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