BDB 234x60

I know, we have summer school, real jobs, kids to attend to, parents to answer to (?) but now with this great program through American Airlines you can fly prettyy much ANYWHERE in the world for under $300… the catch? Oh yes you have to be a little spontaneous and go in the next two weeks. Whether your just going for a quick vacation or you can look around and find a flight to take home (if your living away), surprise some friends and family- or even getting a flight for someone as a gift. I mean Spontaneous is fun right? Live a little, we only live once, so if you are able to get a day or two off, or take some sick days, why not make your weekend a rendezvous in Paris instead of just putzing around sleeping, eating and tanning. Not that those three don’t sound amazing, But still who wouldn’t want to fly somewhere new for a few days on a price you actually can afford without breaking the bank or wearing yourself out on a 3 week backpacking through hell??

American Airlines Fly CHEAP NEXT WEEKEND!

American Airlines Fly CHEAP NEXT WEEKEND Website!

Fly to RIO de JANEIRO next weekend! WOO!