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Cheers to more amazing summer music. Maybe it’s his insanity, or maybe it’s the fact that Lil Wayne looks like a thirteen year old ready to rage at the zoo, or maybe it’s the fact that he ALWAYS looks like he’s having the time of his life. Either way, Lil Wayne’s music videos are always endless amounts of entertainment. From his outfits, to his moves to the things you see in his videos. It’s non-stop. The newest video for the first song off his upcoming album “My Homies Still” features Big Sean and is sure to have you only wishing you had been on set for the shoot.

On a side note, the press for this video has been going crazy over the last scene in the video which portrays Wayne jumping around like a polly rocket in the movie theater where there are skeletons sitting behind him. I one scene, coincidentally exactly 12, the same number of deaths counted to date from last Friday’s Colorado shooting. Considering the timing, I don’t honestly think there was any way for this to be a reflection of the horrible event that happened last week, but I am kind of surprised Lil Wayne released this new summer music without some type of statement. Obviously the video is awesome, and these projects take time and planning, so to not release the video completely would have been a blow. But then again, taking this scene out and replacing it with something else, might have been a better move in the end. BUT THEN AGAIN- publicity is publicity. To Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still”…

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