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You can get her the warmest socks in the world or the rarest new chocolate diamonds, but there is one thing too many men forget, or leave the details out of that could save you a few trips to the dog house later on.

Just like every year, the calls come in by the numbers at this time. My friends boyfriends call about what to get their girls, my friends call asking if I know what their boyfriends got them etc. The one pice of dating advice I have for each, which- by the way I cannot stress enough is… THE CARD. During my last conversation with my friends boyfriend me stressing the importance of the card for his girlfriend was like someone telling him about Santa. Also this card is not just an important factor in any intimate or new relationship, it is also the bridge in your relationship with your siblings, parents, cousins and grandparents. It is a way to really start off this new year on the right foot, crossing that unmentioned territory without putting on ice skates.

How to Impress a Girl

So now you might wonder WHY the card is the most important part of the gift? Besides the fact that your girl will think you are ‘oh so sweet’, let’s not forget that girls put anything that shows the slightest hint of emotion by you on a pedestal. There is nothing wrong with showing emotion, in fact; you never admitting to caring or telling her how you feel could potentially ruin anything you have. Women need to feel wanted and appreciated. Even if they know you care, they need to be told all those things you sometimes cringe saying. So- chances are, you give her a card that says a few things you’re lucky for finding in her, and the card will be cherished forever or at least until death do you part. Call it weird, but in the end the time you screw up, could be saved by this little card. For example the night you go out with the boys and she calls you too many times, pretty good chance the card is in her nightstand, next to the picture of you two. One look at it, or sentence read and her thoughts of you out with the boys, when you had plans could be dismissed.

So as it is the day before Christmas, whether you are celebrating it with your girl tonight, tomorrow or next year, skip to the nearest store and finish off that gift in the most worthy way… that is- now that you truly know how to impress a girl. Any gift for her will have ten times as much meaning when you are able to express yourself in the ways that are sometimes difficult or potentially awkward.:)

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And you thought the most important part was the gift?

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