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We all are guilty of taking the annual/ semi-annual trip of pleasure to Palm Springs. Typically, if you are of the upper elite class you probably stay at the Parker, if you fall in the middle or are within a 3 year range of college and do not lay like a starfish on your parents expense account- you probably stay at the JW or villas. But now, whether you consider yourself the elite, or middle class jesters you can stay in Palm Springs in a sexy chic way. I have no idea why we never found this place sooner, but RIVIERA is where its at. Not only is this hotel SUPER HOT, its so modern and young and chic… Upon seconds of entering you will feel like the swag Diddy rocks. No joke. At least I did. And you won’t even believe me when I say this, or believe that I actually came home … but the hotel has a BEDAZZLED pool table!!!! I seriously almost died when I saw it…. If I was stronger and the table was lighter, it would have already been considered stolen property. I seriously would give up my bed to have this piece in my room.

They also have these SICK pool floaties that look like big bean bags for the pool. I just loved when this random guy/ “Tour guide” aka donkey twin decided to pull us around the pool ramming into people and walls, further popping the raft, which in all was a complete nightmare. Like I said these floaties were made out of the same thing as bean bags- the pool was basically filled within seconds of millions of little spermies look alikes. I was humiliated- honestly. Gross.

During the day we laid out by the pool, pranced around downtown and ate at some amazing places–Some great restaurants to check out is Pinocchio’s, which is the restaurant we ate breakfast at and filled ourselves with bottomless champagne. It was super crowded for obvious reasons, but the owner, a blonde lady at the front was SUPER nice. We had problems at one point getting more champagne and she immediately fixed the problem and brought us more champagne than you could handle. We were fine of course. haha. A MUST are the bottomless mimosas at Pinocchio’s and the gourd sized margaritas at Las Casuelas you can sip along to a live band on Friday and Saturday nights. We made a reservation on sunday night for Las Casuelas and they got us in right away…. not that there was a wait on a sunday night, but still. Better we were prepared. Another place we ate at one night then just grabbed a few drinks the next was the Village Pub…. Overall I probably wouldn’t recommend this place for anything but drinks. Its like you know when a shanky bar tries to turn themselves into a restaurant one day and its a complete failure? This is kind of like that. The dinner service was horrible, super slow, super incompetent and the second night the manager (a Jersey Shore look alike) in army shorts and white flip flops was getting pretty attitudey towards the end of the night and to be perfectly honest- was speaking to the waitress with little to no respect. He even used a blowhorn at 1:30 to make everyone get out of the bar!!! Talk about a psycho… not even the 901 Bar and Grill by USC used a blowhorn and they have to deal with SLOSHED college kids every night. Kids that try to A. hide in the bathroom so they don’t have to leave or B. try to smuggle their drinks out the door to del taco or C. continue their raunchy fratty makeout sesh after hours like they own the place. Pretty much it’s a total joke. But anyways that was my rave about the Village. The one good thing about the Village Pub? THEY HAVE SHOCKTOP! If you are not familiar with this it is a type of beer. I personally believe beer smells like piss so I’m usually not a huge fan but I am a DIEHARD Shocktopper.

The trip in all was amazing. Couldn’t have gone with a better group of friends, and couldn’t possibly have had more fun. Its weird the older we get the more I am starting to realize that the majority of the people you would call your “friends” really are nothing but people using you. The past two weekends going away (Vegas last weekend) and then Palm Springs this weekend, I really realized the value of good friendship, loyalty, honesty and just flat out reality. Not that I didn’t value friendship before, its just I am starting to realize it more how you cannot put a price on a good true friend.

Soo with that said book your trip to PALM SPRINGS NOW, while its hot, beautiful and your friends and family are here with you. I also HIGHLY recommend this trip to any couples looking for a close, relaxing getaway. Leave Vegas for the more celebratory, out of control vacations ie. after graduating, your crazy friends birthday, bachelor party, baby shower…. you know. Palm Springs is serene, the mountains alone will bring you back to reality no matter which psycho town you are from.

If you are interested in Booking a room here in the very near future be sure to contact me directly for the best deals

Check out my pictures from the trip below!

Out front of the Riviera in Palm Springs, CA


Our awesome big beds at the Riviera... mmmm!


Ignore Scooter in the mini fridge... View of the whole room at the Riviera in Palm Springs, CA.


Spending time with my the bejeweled pool table at the Riviera.


Pool at the Riviera is the BEST part. The End.


Pinocchio's in the Desert 134 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs (760) 322 3776


Bottomless Champagne at Pinocchio's in the Desert for $3.95 seven day a week! WOO!


Heathers Egg Burrito at Pinocchio's!


Some of our Danish boys margaritas at Las Casuelas- 222 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA (760) 325 3213


Birthday girl celebrating at Las Casuelas Terraza!


Round of Birthday beers with our Danish friends at the Village Pub- 266 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs (760) 323 3265