BDB 234x60

I’ll never forget my very first pair of TOMS. As we were walking home from school, the mobile TOMS van flagged us down as we feared the loss of limbs in between weaving, cellphone juggling, coffee drinking USC student bicycle riders. After hearing about the purpose of TOMS and its affiliates, my roommate and myself both thought it would be a genius idea to buy a a pair of WHITE ones. It seriously only took about two weeks for our shoes to look like we had truly been traipsing all over the dirty streets of south central. Throwing them in the washer machine helped for a little… until a few weeks later when our walk to school showed outstandingly on our TOMS. 

I most definitely learned from my mistake of buying white TOMS, the next pair I purchased were dark brown and had a blue peace sign on the front. Honestly, I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my shoes. However, I will never forget while at a tutoring session, one of the USC football players (who currently plays for the Bengals) asked if I had Karate shoes on. I seriously thought I was going to die. By the way- these were the white ones he was referring to. Boy I was happy to get those off. 

So anyways, now that you’ve heard my history with TOMS, I must say I got really excited when i found out TOMS was making WEDGES. Ask anyone that owns a pair of TOMS, these are by far the most comfortable shoes to wear during extended periods of time. I swear I have walked miles in mine. I also remember at my old work; as we were all required to wear black non-slip tennis shoes, TOMS were definitely the shoe of choice.

Now with the wedges, you can now wear TOMS to the office. Perfect under a sundress or even paired with your jeans. If you’re short like me, the extra lift is a must have these days, with men growing larger than bean stocks. 

TOMS Midnight Blude Women's Canvas Wedges $69


TOMS Black Calypso Canvas Women's Wedges


TOMS Red Stripe Calypso Canvas Women's Wedges


My cute little TOMS shoes with peace signs


My sad TOMS karate look alikes