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Is there such a thing as going too far with your confidence?… ahemm or where is the point when arrogance turns into, as ladies see it- pompous, toolish, arrogance? This point is obvious boys. That is… if you act like a tool.

Girls everywhere can back me when I say that there is a very FINE line between sexy confidence and mortifying arrogance. However this line is seriously hard to draw out. I mean you guys will act different with every girl so its really hard to say exactly where the line is drawn. When you tell us about what your doing with school, your job, your friends, your dreams ect. That is hot. We like to know that you are motivated by something and you are willing to put yourself out there… even if you get shut down. However when you sit there and brag about how great you are, how many deals you have going, how much money your making, the people you represent, and who you belittle, how BAMF your friends are- because they are liiiikke celebrities and big hot shit…. that is disgusting. I think I would rather choke on a crab casserole than listen to you (And I am allergic to seafood). You ,my friend are a tool. And you belong in a toolshed with the rest of the rakes, hoes, shovels, weed cutters and of course garden dumb carts.

Maybe it has to do with age. I mean I do remember the age when my brother was so arrogant, my mother and I just about shipped him to Burundi. But what’s weird is even now I still encounter some guys who literally think they are THE best at EVERYTHING they do. I mean they should literally be walking around to the track “Can’t touch this… duuhnnn nunnn nuuu nnuuuu na naaa” what a joke. The best part is the fact that you guys think this is attractive! If anything, it just makes us want to go call up the most humble sweetest guy we know.

Oh wait what a coincidence…. MC HAMMMMER. Last I checked hammers were tools, correct? 🙂

Sure we want a little bit of a challenge, but you telling us that you can have whatever you want just about makes me barf kitty litter. It also makes you sound like an idiot because chances are we know other guys doing the saaame thing you are, successful, hot and smart ….. and CONFIDENT. Not tooly.

And yes we know thats “WHO YOU ARE” and your not going to “CHANGE FOR ANYONE” but Newsflash, you will end up … or stay alone for the rest of your life- because any real girl will not put up with your shanked bitch fits of shit.

So how do you impress a girl with your confidence? Talk to her as if you were talking to the director of your profession, whether that be in school or your career. Because think about it… Are you really going to go in to the directors office and be like “BAHHHHH yea I just pulled this deal and this other guy I have wrapped around my finger, it’ll close tomorrow, and then BusBoys Inc. – ya they are with this other realtor but chances are if he sucks and I want them, I can have them.” Umm no… the director would look at you like your an idiot… and girls are smart they are not going to think highly of you if you talk like a rake.

Be real, when you bring up your job, we like to know what’s going on, its interesting when you tell us about new projects your working on, things you did with another co-worker, promotions ect. We don’t want to hear about how you are THE BEST, THE ONE AND ONLY, like the rest of the people at the company is just old shit stuck to your shoes.

You accomplishments? We wanna know. The list of hottest girls you’ve banged and why you left them or why you got “bored”? Don’t want to know. The new shoes you got, even though you got ripped off? funny (girls like funny) The pants you tell us you spent $350 on then went for a $75 haircut (now were bored- and you don’t even have hair…???) Your interview with a top finance firm in LA? Well be happy for you, stoked really. All the people that should be scared of you because of what you hold over them? CHECK PLEASE!

TOOLS mingling with other tools... where they belong.

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