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I cannot stress this issue enough. It’s something so small and I’m sure there are tons of you girls thinking [I don’t do that, obviously] but the thing is, there are still many of you out there who do not know and have trouble comprehending this vital information.

The most important piece of information you need to walk away with is the fact that your boyfriend/ guy your dating does NOT want you to leave all your shenanigans at his place. This includes but is not limited to, an extra dress (in case you decide you want to go out last minute?), your blow dryer (obviously you do not want your man to see your wild mane in the morning?), your toothbrush (just in case you ever forget yours?), your deodorant (which you use every hour…?), your fern that your grandmother gave you (because it’s a love fern and you want your man to know how much you love him?), your tampons (never know when the flow might flow?), shaver (gotta tame your game before bed?) or your panties, tamagachi, work shirt, chap stick, perfume, sweater or sandals. NONE of these items should ever be left at the guys’ house. All items are completely unnecessary.

The worse thing you can do while you are in a relationship or dating someone is trapping them, suffocating really. We all need our space, if you want to leave your bf a little note like “Last night was great” cool. But unless it is food in his fridge or a note, Take your shit home girl. It’s like you know that feeling of going somewhere unwelcomed. You keep up your little play wifey and leave your toothbrush next to his and it’s only a matter of time before he realizes you are trapping him and he better scoot before he has to stay over at your parents’ house.

It is important to understand, you have your place and he has his, obviously if he wanted your stuff there he would ask you to move in. This concept also applies to guys; however, it is not as common. Think about it like this ladies, although leaving a dress or your brush over at a guys place doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, that is just the beginning. You probably won’t even realize it when you start leaving your kitten heels and hello kitty pillow. And while you may not think its a big deal, how would you feel if your boyfriend left his dirty underwear at your place, or bringing over his entire video game console and games and stashed it under your TV (This does not apply to girls who like video games), him leaving his socks, bathing suit, dirty clothes, playboy magazine is just the same as you leaving your toiletries over there. Exactly the same. And while you may think [ohh it’s just a magazine], I am not talking about his leaving one magazine over one time. I am talking about him leaving multiple items all the time, kind of like something you girls do.

For instance when I lived with guys, there was just something about having my own space, even if it was 5′ by 5′ that was mine, no one touched, took things from etc. I remember seriously cringing when my lotion was gone or one of them had taken a shit in my toilet. Your place is your safe haven really. Like us girls’, guys want and deserve their own space as well. The boys would shit a brick if I changed their Pandora stations, was sitting at the TV before them or moved their books and backpacks. If I hung up one of my dresses in their closet I can’t even imagine.

Lastly, if you do go over to your mans house bring your bag and keep your stuff in it, when you change keep your clothes in the bag not all over his floor. Remember the more you keep to yourself, in a way the more he is going to want you to open up and be comfortable- but to an extent. In this case- less is more.

Clingy girls will be left behind. It all starts with her soap on a rope she leaves at your place.

Then she gets you a credit card she thinks is cute...

...Pretty soon you will have one of these in your living room. Just warning you boys! All that you allow, you will get.

And Ladies! Do you want these in your bathroom?? Umm.. no.

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