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We have all either been through it or witnessed someone else go through it. It could be that time you have to scramble home after crashing at your friends house after a long night of boozing, or- as it happens to most, you stay over with a guy and; whether he walks you home or you do it alone…this little walk could make your face recognizable to many as a “walk of shamer”.

However, whichever puts you in this mind boggling sometimes incomprehensible or unknown situation is what I like to call the “Walk of Fame”. If you know me, the one thing each and every one of my friends can vouch for is that I am one person who really has no shame. To be quite honest, the more shameful you are of your own chosen actions, the worse you look in the end. Shame on you! One of my favorite examples of a girl, who played out the Walk of Fame like it was her job, occurred on campus at the University I went to. As it was only my first year, no one had told me that it was completely unfeasible to take a 9am class. This was also the year I lived so far away from campus I could break in my shoes- twice…just walking home from school. So of course the day I decided to take the bus home from class at 10am, was also the day another USC girl decided to do her Walk of Fame, on the B-Route bus. Seriously, I have never seen anything like it- but this girl inspired me. Decked out in a tight, mini cocktail dress, skyscraper stilettos, hair in a ‘just out of bed’ sexy wave, and eye makeup just passable for Smokey eyes- I saw a Walk of Famer. As the girl hopped on the bus [filled with mostly international kids, silly blondes like me, and every once in a while good old Charlie Brown], she made it look like what she was wearing/ doing was completely normal. It almost made me think for a split second that what she was pulling WAS normal. All I can really remember was that she sat there putting on lip gloss and checking her cell phone before she yelled her stop like she was in New York and hopped off with a quick thank you, smile and toss of her brown sexed up waves of hair. This girl had more than just balls of steel. Now I will not be the one to make assumptions- there is a chance she could have been coming from her friends or boyfriends, but it is more likely just from a guy’s place that got lucky. Either way, her demeanor and confidence shined over any other assumptions made. She was the kind of girl that you looked at and thought [damn, I wish I could pull off the walk of shame that well]. The thing is- you can.

What most girls fail to realize is inner confidence shines greater than a disco ball dress, Naomi Watts long stems, and Jessica Alba’s smile. Walk of shame if for those who actually feel bad about their actions. In my mind, walk of shame does not exist. Obviously the actions and decisions you make, you at one point thought of and then proceeded with. Some of you say you live with no regrets, but then where does your shame fall?

As for my personal, best, Walk of Fame experience- one night my group of girlfriends and myself decided to go to this themed party at [the Bean] a big apartment complex. One of the girls who left with some other friends ended up calling me the next morning at 8am to come get her. The problem with this was that I didn’t have a car at school. So, of course as I would never have dreamed of making my friend walk almost a mile and half back to our apartment alone, I went and picked her up on my beach cruiser with pegs. If you’ve never been to South Central Los Angeles- the majority of the sidewalks are fairly uprooted by trees, so let me tell you this bike ride was closer to an Indiana Jones ride. ONLY in college.

Now, what about guys and their walk of shame? For your information, no such thing exists. Have you ever seen a guy wallowing his way home in the walk of shame?? NO! Why? Because guys are loud and proud, every walk away from a girls pad in their eyes is a Walk of fame. It doesn’t matter if its a girl that’s beat to the bone, all that matters is that the previous night they were getting it in (whatever it might have been) while their friends were not.

With that said ladies, after doing extensive research (speaking to multiple men who I believed to have done this so called “walk of shame”) the one conclusion I have come to, is not the fact that this term is used solely amongst women… but also, this term should seriously be dismissed. Obviously guys going home from a girls pad is a major score, so why is it that girls look down upon it? As we have all had our share of men we wish to forget, what we instead need to take away from such a night is knowledge, experience and expertise. Next time, instead of walking away thinking that you in fact committed a walk of shame, hold your head high and walk away saying you gave that guy the best night of his life. In the end, your outward confidence is what makes you a goddess.

January Jones could definitely have pulled a walk of fame, but instead, no shoes looking completely beraded Jones pulls a walk of shame.

Walk of Fame- Heels on, looking hot, at ease and confident. Then again Jennifer Aniston couldn't pull a walk of shame if she tried.